Saturday, 11 April 2015

FB3X Drabblerotic A to Z 2015 - J is for Jade - (fiction)

This post contains adult themes.
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So, without further ado, onto today's drabble...



J is for Jade

Author's Note

Jade reminded me of Japan, and then I just followed my nose with this one :).

With Passion

by Sophie Duncan

The auction lot had read, ‘Jade Netsuke’,the online picture had shown a seated male figure, his robe sliding off one shoulder. Will had thought it looked cute.

The package arrived the very next day - sitting outside his door when Will headed to work. He picked it up. The 7.55 bus slipped out of his head. He walked back inside, door closing behind him.

Package ripped open, prize in hand, Will stared. The figure no longer wore a robe, legs thrown wide, fist working a proud erection. That passion flooded Will. Biting his lip, he welcomed it in.


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  1. Love the way this made my mind know what the package was, yet question myself at the same time. Like this one.

    1. Thank you - I tried to keep it somewhat abstract and let the reader decide the details :)

  2. I like how there's a possible magical element to it but at the same time it's not stated, could be read a few ways. Nice.

  3. Buyer Beware wasn't listed anywhere on that Netsuke's auction details? *grins* Jade is supposed to be lucky.