Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Drabblerotic - U is for Unknown

This post contains adult themes.
Fantasy Boys XXX is joining in the The Blogging From A to Z April Challenge with Drabblerotic

where will be posting a drabble* every weekday and Saturday in April brought to you by the letters A-Z, although this isn't Sesame Street, so expect a little adult spice in our alphabet soup. ;)

*'So, what is a drabble anyway?' we hear some of you ask. And the answer is, a drabble is a piece of prose of (exactly) 100 words. 

So, without further ado, onto today's drabble...



U is for Unknown
The first thing that jumped into my head for this prompt was a blindfold, so I ran with it. This is another one where I forgot that I was supposed to be writing for a fantasy blog. I was rather pleased with myself when I managed to change it from natural to supernatural by only substituting one word. Guess which one it was :).


by Tasha D-Drake

The blindfold made it impossible to see anything. All Val could do was stand there naked and wait to find out what happened next. He had agreed to this, but he was beginning to regret that decision.

When a hand ran up over his hip, he almost shied away. He had no way of knowing which of the men from the coven it was and, with no sight, the sensation was heightened.

"Relax, Lover," a deep, unfamiliar voice told him, "we're going to make sure you enjoy this."

Other hands touched him then and guided him into the alluring unknown.

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  1. My vote for word that changed this to supernatural was ... coven. *grins*

    I want a longer story with Val and the unfamiliar coven member, who sounds romantic interest worthy. You have so many drabbles that I'd read the longer story of. *beguilingly whines* Oh and the smutty CHAPTER (not drabble) that follows this scene, definitely I would read that.