Tuesday, 2 April 2013

FB3X Drabble Cascade #4 - Links In The Chain (PG, m/m)

Suitable for a
general audience
Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX entry for the 4th Drabble Cascade.
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Author's Note
I went with literal on the inspiration for 'chain' :).

Links in The Chain

by Sophie Duncan

Deva hit the ground, growled the lust in his body and then whined as the magic in the chain around his neck spiked, making him pay.

A shadow fell across him, he tensed as someone crouched in front of his degradation. He sensed man and he could not help but react. Slowly, he looked up into a concerned, golden gaze.

Confused, Deva froze when that changed to anger, but the young man reached for the chain. A rush of magic and the links shattered. Free, Deva shuddered and crumpled helplessly. The young man caught him.

"My apologies," his holder murmured.


  1. Lovely. And evil. These drabbles are going to drive me crazy with wanting to know more.

    1. I know what you mean, and there is only one downside to drabbles, now I have a brain full of little seeds growing plot bunnies for them all. ah well, at least I have potential stories for FB3X going off into the future, about a year I suppose now, if I assume their novellas.

      I am finding the wanting to know more is what a drabble is good for. I haven't been brave enough to attempt a serial of them yet, but I like the way other's serials are going, so I might have to try!

    2. That doesn't seem like a downside to me. ;)

      Serial drabbles are fun, though a bit terrifying. Given you don't know in advance what the prompt is, you can't really plan the story out so it adds an extra bit of difficulty. Hopefully I'll be able to keep writing a coherent plot as we go along.

  2. Agreement with starr-falling, the drabbles give you a taste and it's what what why and then....? Suppose shaking you or the site won't help drop any more of this out to be read? *hopeful look*

  3. This feels like part of a bigger story, as the others have said I wnt to know more about the world and characters.