Friday, 29 April 2016

Drabblerotic Animal Magnetism - Y is for Yellow-necked Mouse m/m - #AtoZChallenge 2016

Welcome to FB3X Drabblerotic 2016.
A to Z Challenge 2016

This post contains adult themes
The Way Drabblerotic Works

it's really very simple. We'll write a drabble every day inspired by our word of the day and we want you to be inspired too, just write :). Our theme this year is
Animal Magnetism
And we're being inspired by the fauna of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Our word today is
Y is for Yellow-necked Mouse.

Contains adult themes,
or language
Waiting (m/m, PG, Fantasy)
by Sophie Duncan

Author's Note

Yellow-necked mice are woodland creatures, they spend their time foraging on the forest floor, but they like to sleep in trees. The mouse's instinct for hiding and the tree gave me this idea.

Merith crouched on his branch.

“Well, well, “ a sword caught him under the chin; he froze, “the palace mouse up a tree.”

A shove sent him downwards.

Merith landed on his feet.

A heavy thump behind him announced the sword, which pressed into his back this time.

“Now what are you doing here, mouse?” Kujan’s sneer carried on, sword digging. “Waiting to catch a glimpse of the harem, perhaps? I could have your balls for that.”

“Piss off, Captain, I could have your head!”

“Your Highness!”

The sword retreated. Merith turned. Prince Xandre winked.

“Who needs a harem?”

Merith flushed.

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    1. Another fab piece! Was the sword what I was thinking or is that just my dirty mind lol ;)

    2. Merith and Prince Xandre's relationship still new or did Merith not know that the Prince's interest in him was more than just interest? Curious minds want to know.

      Put a check next to this one for expansion?