Thursday, 28 April 2016

Drabblerotic Animal Magnetism - X is for eXmoor Pony m/m - #AtoZChallenge 2016

Welcome to FB3X Drabblerotic 2016.
A to Z Challenge 2016

This post contains adult themes
The Way Drabblerotic Works

it's really very simple. We'll write a drabble every day inspired by our word of the day and we want you to be inspired too, just write :). Our theme this year is
Animal Magnetism
And we're being inspired by the fauna of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Our word today is
X is for eXmoor Pony.

Contains adult themes,
or language
The Idiot (PG, fantasy)
by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Author's Note

I failed again at the 100 words, sorry, so you have a double drabble of 200 words today. I hope you all like it. Only a couple more days left - I am going to miss the AtoZChallenge when it is over.

He'd never been normal. The winter they drove him out he should have died, but he was hardy like the ponies who shared his moor. In the years since, nature heeded his call and protected him.

The stranger stumbling through the blizzard was not local. No local would have been mad enough to be out. When the man finally fell and did not get up, he decided enough was enough.

Taking his own cloak, he wrapped the unconscious man in its folds and asked the wind to be gentle. Then, picking the idiot up, he walked back to his warm, dry cave.

Once inside he stripped his guest of soaking wet clothes, built up the fire and waited.

The fool stirred just as the blizzard finally blew itself out, but was clearly delirious. Slipping off his own clothes, he crawled under the cloak, wrapping himself around the stranger and asking the air around them to warm even more.

At least his guest was shivering now.

It was a long time before the man in his arms finally opened beautiful golden brown eyes no longer filled with fever dreams.

"I've found you," the man said, smiled and promptly went to sleep.

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    1. Lovely! Have you seen that commercial for Amazon with the little pony? I want one or two! :) Do you think Amazon delivers livestock?

    2. I too am going to miss this. Have enjoyed reading yours and writing mine.

      Liked the progression here from stranger, fool, to guest, to man, to someone with promise of becoming something more personal.