Thursday, 7 April 2016

Drabblerotic Animal Magnetism - F is for Frog m/m - #AtoZChallenge 2016

Welcome to FB3X Drabblerotic 2016.
A to Z Challenge 2016

This post contains adult themes
The Way Drabblerotic Works

it's really very simple. We'll write a drabble every day inspired by our word of the day and we want you to be inspired too, just write :). Our theme this year is
Animal Magnetism
And we're being inspired by the fauna of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Our word today is
F is for Frog.

Contains adult themes,
or language
Curse (m/m, PG, fantasy)
by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Author's Note

Today I couldn't get enough of the plot in with 100 words, so I have created a double drabble = 200 words, I do hope you don't mind. Hope you are enjoying the many wonderful sites in the AtoZ this year.

Curses sucked!

Val had been a frog for three years, two months, eight days and four hours and he hated it. He'd also been kissed by twenty seven maidens because everyone knew the legends about the pool.

True love's kiss was annoyingly absent.

What he really did not expect was the handsome man stumbling into his pool, dripping blood from a scalp wound and then collapsing face first. Panicking he jumped off his rock and down under the sinking stranger, doing his best to push up with his little froggy body.

Of course he was far too small to do much good.

Struggling free he swam towards the man's head, hoping against hope that he might somehow at least be able to turn that to the side and stop his guest drowning. Unfortunately he was slippery. In fact as he pushed against the man's face he slid along one chiselled cheek bone, on down and right over the poor bastard's mouth.

That was when something amazing happened: Val found himself sitting in the pool with the stranger in his lap.

He was completely naked and his companion was still out for the count, but he counted it as a win.

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    1. This one was extra special. Job well done!

    2. Cool. Loved how the curse was broken. Neat.

    3. Fantastic! Thank you for the smile. You brightened my dreary day.
      Awakening Dreams and Conquering Nightmares with a Pen
      Happy blogging! And be well.

    4. Absolutely no problem with a double drabble, esp. one this good.
      Loved this.

    5. This one brought a grin to my tired Friday-face. Thanks very much, Natasha.

    6. What a way to break a curse. I wonder what the poor unconscious guy is gonna think when he wakes up. Really great.

      Blog: Romance, Passion, & Thrills | ❤ Twitter: @sashaknight

    7. This one is really nicely done. I love the sideways take on the fairy tale as well as the usual definition of kiss in this.