Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Drabblerotic - Z is for Zoo

This post contains adult themes.
Fantasy Boys XXX is joining in the The Blogging From A to Z April Challenge with Drabblerotic

where will be posting a drabble* every weekday and Saturday in April brought to you by the letters A-Z, although this isn't Sesame Street, so expect a little adult spice in our alphabet soup. ;)

*'So, what is a drabble anyway?' we hear some of you ask. And the answer is, a drabble is a piece of prose of (exactly) 100 words. 

So, without further ado, onto today's drabble...



Z is for Zoo
Imagine a dragon with a stomach upset, that's what I did :). Not the sexiest image is it, but then add two hot men, a shower and a few hints and it's much better.

Not All Crap

by Tasha D-Drake

"You're covered in shit."

Being a keeper in a magical zoo had its problems.

"Delilah isn't feeling well," he said and headed towards the staff shower.

Delilah was a six ton dragon.

Steve didn't bother taking his clothes off; he pulled off his boots, stepped into the shower and hit on. There was no saving the outfit anyway. It took ten minutes and half a bucket of shampoo to get dragon crap out of his hair. As he climbed out, Jez handed him a towel and then stared.

"Like what you see?" he joked.

"Hell yes," was the surprising reply.

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  1. Why can I hear a 'No Deliah, point the other way. Eek.'?
    Dragon poop eat off clothes or does a wetted down uniform cling in all the improper places. *grins* Personally from experience I'd have peeled off the clothes pre-showering. Small children and dragons can't be that dis-similar.