Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Drabblerotic - N is for Necromancer

This post contains adult themes.
Fantasy Boys XXX is joining in the The Blogging From A to Z April Challenge with Drabblerotic

where will be posting a drabble* every weekday and Saturday in April brought to you by the letters A-Z, although this isn't Sesame Street, so expect a little adult spice in our alphabet soup. ;)

*'So, what is a drabble anyway?' we hear some of you ask. And the answer is, a drabble is a piece of prose of (exactly) 100 words. 

So, without further ado, onto today's drabble...



N is for Necromancer
I suppose I should warn for necrophilia, sort of. It's hard to know when one of the pairing is reanimated. This is one of those vaguely dark fics and it is a little bit twisted, but what else was I supposed to do with a prompt like necromancer? :)


by Tasha D-Drake

The dead were cold, but for those powerful enough, they were not lumbering corpses. Pale skin and misty eyes gave them away, but their bodies could be as youthful and powerful as any in life.

Varn surveyed the latest heroes to have thrown themselves against his power and lost. They were all handsome and had been brave, and now they were his.

Walking to the first, he stroked the blond's pretty face.

"Please me," he said and the man dropped to his knees.

Cold fingers efficiently unlaced his britches and he smiled as the icy touch found his warm skin.

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  1. Your letter N.
    That is wonderfully dark and never thought that that would be erotic but you made it so.
    Dub-con doesn't even come into it since they're all dead; though how much of the person is still in there?