Thursday, 17 April 2014

Drabblerotic 2014 - O is for Obelisk

This post contains adult themes.
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*'So, what is a drabble anyway?' we hear some of you ask. And the answer is, a drabble is a piece of prose of (exactly) 100 words. 

So, without further ado, onto today's drabble...



O is for Obelisk

Author's Note

The word obelisk always speaks to me of ritual and ancient things, and that's what inspired this short.

Call of Ancients

by Sophie Duncan

Fenric walked round the obelisk, examining its four sides carefully before selecting one and placing his palm flat against the ancient designs there. Instantly, his knees went weak and he fell forward, his bare shoulder smashing into the stone. A force swept past him, turning him still further, so that he ended up with his back where his palm had momentarily been.

Power swept through him. He groaned, his body waking to all-encompassing desire, and he grabbed compulsively at the monument's reliefs. Moments, or hours later, his body sang and, passion flowing triumphantly from glyph to man, he came.

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  1. I wish I knew where to find an obelisk like that!

    1. that's what's so much fun with fantasy, obelisks like that are 2-a-penny ;P

  2. He should have read the small print. 'Touching this Obelisk could lead to ejaculation.'

  3. Three of them stood around me. Naked as they day they were born. They were tying me to the obelisk, using their daggers to cut into my flesh to stain the obelisk red. I was weak from it, and yet the spell they put on me kept me rock hard. All I could see was their soft ample breasts.

    They chanted for hours, and as the night grew, I felt a power in me, a strength not my own. The rope felt like twigs wrapped around me. I pull them off and stood before them, as their new sex idol.

    1. Now the question is, was he a volunteer? If so, lucky chap ;)