Tuesday, 4 June 2013

FB3X Drabble Cascade #13 - Flames (R, M/M Fantasy)

This post contains adult
language, or themes.

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX flash fiction entry for the 13th Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

The theme this week is 'fire' so I immediately thought magical elements. I'm sorry if there are any errors in the text, I'm running a little late and Soph is working today so it hasn't been beta'd. I'll get her to check it for me later :).


by  Tasha D-Drake

All elements had an aspect of chaos, but it was fire that was truly chaotic and the hardest to control. Nicholas had resigned himself to being alone by the time he was thirteen; no one wanted a fire mage anywhere near them. Even other mages with all their own power distrusted those whose element was fire. The only thing anyone ever wanted him for was destruction.

At twenty one he had been through three wars and more than his share of one off battles. He was a seasoned warrior who demanded a high price for his services and always got it. He had thought that was all there would be for him until the thrice-be-damned water mage had walked into his life; the same water mage that was currently draped between his legs playing with his cock and driving him to distraction.

"Would you stop teasing and actually do something?" Nicholas growled and the blue eyed imbecile had the gall to just look at him and smile that really irritating smile.

"Patience," Ran said; "you burn too hot."

"Of course..." his words died as Ran sucked him into that wicked mouth.

Water mages and fire mages were supposed to dislike each other on sight and Nicholas had definitely felt the urge to blast Ran out of existence the moment they had met. However, Ran was like no mage he had ever come across, in fact Ran was like no person he had ever met. Nicholas tended to wear mostly leather, because it was embarrassing if his clothes caught alight in a fit of temper and Ran had taken one look at him over the preparations for a small war and all but eaten him with those deep blue eyes. Their affair had started less than an hour later behind one of the supply tents and had not stopped since.

Nicholas canted his hips a little, trying to get more of Ran's mouth, but his lover had the gall to laugh and pull away a little. He needed that hot, wet cavern on him and he needed it now and he could feel his power rising to demand it.


He was not above begging.

"Soon," Ran promised and he felt the soothing cool of Ran's power rising to meet his own.

Their magic should have been fighting for dominance, opposites battling for supremacy, but instead they twisted around each other like lovers. Nicholas had never been able to let go, not since his power had first manifested. He had to keep it in check always or bring destruction, but not with Ran. Ran could calm his magic and his temper and when they made love it was the most beautiful thing Nicholas had ever experienced.

They had become the most famous warrior mages in the land. Of course he heard the whispers that Ran had him bound, but he never had cared what anyone else thought. For the sweet touch of his lover he could live with stupid rumours.



  1. *slow smile* Mages. hee.

    Oh yes he's been bound but he has all the freedom his cock desires.

    I like that his lover has given him the freedom that his magic had taken away, the freedom of someone who gives protection against what he could do if he released his self restraint. Their a good combination.

    1. I'm not sure he's actually bound, depends if you call love a binding, but people can think that if they want. He and Ran have each other nicely balanced and that's always good in a relationship :).
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Lovely. I like that they balance each other rather than destroy each other, reminds me of the more Asian idea that opposing elements are also complimentary.