Saturday, 26 April 2014

Drabblerotic 2014 - W is for Wagon

This post contains adult themes.
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*'So, what is a drabble anyway?' we hear some of you ask. And the answer is, a drabble is a piece of prose of (exactly) 100 words. 

So, without further ado, onto today's drabble...



W is for Wagon

Author's Note

This one's a little naughty.

WARNING: implied non-con.

Delayed Gratification

by Sophie Duncan

The lurching of the wagon wouldn't have been so bad if Zed hadn't had such a large plug up his arse. Hands tied behind him, gag in his mouth, he could only flop in the corner, glaring at his captor between moments when the movement was making him see stars. Zed let his thighs flop apart as the man, dark and oh so attractive, slid his boot between them, and he moaned wantonly as hard leather pressed again his straining erection.

"You're going to be ripe for the casting tonight, demon."

Zed closed his eyes and began counting the hours.

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  1. Those last two lines made me curious about the story around this little drabble.

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author

    1. I was dreaming about the story around this drabble last night - I just might write it :)

  2. The horses where running hard across the rocky terrain, as she slide herself down his hard cock. The rocking and the bucking made the pounding she gave him so much better. He couldn't help but notice her breasts shaking every which direction.

    He tried to hold onto her, but was really trying not to fall out of the wagon. Her orgasms appeared non-stop, clenching onto his penis like a rider on a bucking bull. He cummed deep inside her. Despite his flaccid cock, she continue to ride him, feeling the vibration of the whole wagon, losing herself in the moment.

  3. That is demon abuse.
    Think they'll take the plug out before they offer themselves to him during the casting? Is he being offered to someone else and does that individual get to keep him?

    1. I actually have a whole story worked out for this now and he is being offered to someone else, although those doing the offering don't know who they're actually offering, or his relationship to the one they're offering him to ;P

  4. I definitely want to know more about this! If you do write a longer story around it, I'd love to read it!

    1. :) - I'll post a link to it if I do :)