Friday, 17 January 2014

FB3X Drabble Cascade #44 - Sealing the Deal (NC17/18, Erotic Romance)

Contains adult themes,
or language

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX flash fiction entry for the 44th Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

So, I was in a bit of a strange mood this morning and this story came to me. 

Sealing The Deal
by Sophie Duncan

“And that’s a deal,” Devon nodded and reached for the hand being held out to him.

As soon as his fingers touched Maleki’s, he felt the magic start up his arm, and, like electricity, his grip closed around the palm that offered so much and took even more. Maleki’s fingers rested only lightly against his hand, but with the firmer contact, the power shot the rest of the way into his body and Devon tensed. It was like nothing he had ever felt as pain and pleasure ripped into every cell of his body, gripping, changing, remaking and, frozen by it, all he could do was stare into Maleki’s face. The thin, blond man with sharp features smiled at him smoothly, like the salesman he was, blue gaze never wavering, but, as the magic tore him apart, Devon saw deeper beyond the glamour. He saw those bright eyes angle upwards at the outside, the pupils elongating and the irises shifting to a dark crimson. Skin too, on the outside, milky white and perfect, gained a grey-blue hue, which drained all humanity from the still humanoid face.

For just those moments, Devon was afraid.

Yet, the bargain had been sealed and sorcery took over its victim, flooding him with arcane need. His body lit up with the ancient power and Devon couldn’t help himself, he closed his eyes and groaned through the wonderful high. It was delicious, intoxicating and very, very arousing.

Devon came back to himself wobbling and unsteady, but he was still standing and his hand remained firmly pressed against Maleki’s. He stared at that inhuman face a little longer as his wits slowly returned and, as he did so, he felt a decadent smile widening on his lips. Maleki watched him impassively all the while, and it was not until Devon flexed his fingers against Maleki’s that his hand was released.

“The bargain is made,” Maleki nodded formally, dropping his hand to his be-suited side.

Devon continued to smile, all sorts of ideas running around his head and throbbing his already hard dick. It wasn’t that he hadn’t had such ideas before, it was just they felt so much more erotically possible now. Power made him bold and, before Maleki could step away, he reached out and ran his fingers slowly down that expensive suit.

“It all seems rather quick,” he murmured, catching one digit over the top button of Maleki’s jacket and pouting. “I was thinking, since you technically own this body now and I always like to keep in with my landlords, how about we seal this deal more intimately?”

He leant in a little, watching Maleki’s eyebrows raise a little. Still, Maleki did not move away.

“After all, we’re both immortal, it’s not as if we don’t have time,” Devon continued, tilting his head just a little and reducing the distance between them even more.

Devon was close enough now to see those vertical pupils dilate width-wise and the smile on his companion’s slender lips did not hold such a surety, more a surprised curiosity. The power in Devon stood up and took notice of the male so close to him and he breathed in the scent of early arousal. Yet, he held still, leaving a small gap and the invitation between them and waited. Maleki remained statuesque for no little time, and a lesser creature might have given up on the moment, but Devon now felt the stirrings of desire in his companion and he let it build, his own new talents coming into line. He sensed want warring with reason and instinct told him to submit to that conflict.

Lowering his eyes, Devon murmured, “I am your servant master.”

He began to turn away, leaving that one-fingered touch trailing behind. The play worked a little better than Devon expected, because a vice-like grip grabbed his wrist and he winced in pain, but he did turn back as he did so, his reaction obvious. Maleki did not loosen his grip, in fact, his smile grew powerful once more and Devon looked up at him through his fringe. He wasn’t used to submitting, it felt a little strange, but his new instincts led him and he followed.

“That you are, my pretty little demon,” Maleki nodded and then licked his lips.

His master’s eyes swept the living room of Devon’s uptown apartment and then settled on the leather couch that was facing away from them in the centre of the open space.

“You have very little furniture,” Maleki sniffed, but Devon could feel his master’s interests fixing on the extra-large sofa and he mostly knew what was coming before he heard the order, “Stand over there, face the couch.”

Devon grinned to himself as the beginnings of what Maleki had planned pushed every button, new and old, that he had. The dominance in Maleki was still something new, he’d been used to his persuader being all smiles and deference as they had danced towards this bargain, but he found that the sorcery inside him liked it. Maleki let go of his wrist and, dutifully, Devon walked over to the couch, stopping with his back to his master. There he just had to wait, and Maleki made him wait, causing the hairs to rise on the back of his neck and the blood to pool even more into his dick as he felt those special eyes on him.

Finally, though, much to his over-active libido’s delight, Maleki walked up behind him, only the rustle of that expensive suit giving the approach away. Devon actually jumped when a hand came to rest on his shoulder.

“You are very pretty,” Maleki repeated his observation in a light whisper right into Devon’s ear and he trembled as air ran over his neck. “That is what made you such a prize. You make a delectable incubus.”

The hand pulled him backwards, off balance, and Devon went with it, leaning up against Maleki’s firm chest. He leant his head back into Maleki’s shoulder as palms then ran down either side of his body and swiftly crossed in front of him, meeting at the belt that was holding his jeans up.

“You were a challenge, my pretty,” Maleki continued in a sing song voice as his fingers began to work on the belt. “I had wondered, given that you already have looks, money and position in society, what I would be able to offer to draw you in. Immortality surprised me.”

“Wasn’t that,” Devon replied breathily, since the loosening of his belt, followed by the deliberate way Maleki began to unbutton his fly was sending starts of pleasure out through his body.

“Oh?” Maleki enquired lightly as he finished parting the denim over Devon’s groin.

“Was the sex,” Devon revealed with an intoxicated laugh and he reached for his opened clothing, pushed it all down and it came to rest around his knees.

His erection sprung proud out from his body and he heard Maleki practically purr at the sight he had made of himself. There was no more titillation, Maleki pushed Devon forward and he bent willingly over the back of the couch, rumbling his own approval when Maleki’s long fingers stroked down over his buttocks.

“You are a sex demon now, my pretty, how much will you take?”

Devon had no idea, but prone and with his arse being spread, his magical instincts were switching swiftly into overdrive. Magic and lust swept through his body, every nerve throbbing with it and the changes in him responded. His skin rippled with power, and, as he looked down on his hands and lower arms, he saw them glisten in the overhead light. His nerve endings prickled as his skin became smoother and his shirt felt suddenly very cloyingly restrictive. The closed feeling momentarily drowned out the lovely way Maleki was massaging his arse and quickly, Devon scrabbled at the imperative to relieve himself of the clothing. The shirt came over his head in one and he left it on the sofa, instantly forgotten, as Maleki, purring still, pressed up against his entrance. He was given no time to get used to the idea of being taken before the initial touch pushed into him and he began to open.

Devon was not unfamiliar with penetration, in his twenties, he’d even messed around with some guys who liked it rough, but now in his thirties, he preferred to take this a little slower, or he had thought he did. Yet, as Maleki slid into him, cock long and move insistent, Devon’s body welcomed him with a base lust that sank heavily into his balls and a slickness that was no longer human. The sensation of being filled was divine and Devon rocked forward against the couch, letting out a low, passionate moan as he was taken by Maleki’s full length. Buried in him, Maleki then took hold of Devon’s hips and stilled his reactive movements.

“Like that, my pretty?” Maleki asked, sounding amused.

Devon just grunted as his master flexed against him, forcing a last little depth.

“But you forget, I also am a demon,” Maleki confirmed what he had left unsaid before.

Devon couldn’t see his master from his prone position, but he didn’t need to as the grasps on his hips began to tighten and, in disbelief, he felt the cock inside of him begin to swell. Incubus, or not, his muscles complained and Devon struggled, but he was held firmly and so he could only groan and pant as he learnt all about demon proportions. The part of him that still remembered being human wanted to rebel at the test, but the magic in him responded and, just as it had lubricated the penetration, the sorcery welcomed the demand. Devon ended up gasping and growling away the aching pleasure, but he embraced it with his whole being and submitted.

As he stilled, the grip on Devon’s hips released and sharp nails ran up his back.

“Good boy,” Maleki praised, holding still in a small show of mercy.

Yet, Devon didn’t want still, now he had a demon-unmasked claiming him, he wanted it all and, whining away his remaining disbelief at what he was doing, he pushed back against his master. Maleki responded by withdrawing a little and then thrusting hard again. Devon barked the lust that fired in him and he braced himself for more. The pause was the last mercy Maleki showed as he thrust into Devon again and again, forcing out cries and shudders and, as the demand grew more insistent, Devon’s magic rose as well. It curled around his own passions, dark and wanton, taking over every breath in his body, driving him on, making him its own and Devon revelled in his transformation. Claws erupted from his own nail beds, black, and shining like his skin, and the world took on a richness of sights and scents that drove him even higher. His new senses opened further as well and, even without seeing him, he could feel Maleki rising to orgasm, the other demon’s magic cascading through him, soaking into his being and waking every fibre.

Maleki let out a screech of inhuman proportions as he climaxed and drove into Devon viciously, riding out the orgasm with sharp, difficult thrusts. Devon took it all, rising with his partner’s climax and wrapping it in his own power. Now it was his turn to push things on and he drank in his master as magic mixed with magic and he drew out the lustful high.

Maleki demanded, Devon submitted, that is how it was for a long, incredible moment that could have been seconds or days for all Devon cared as he lost himself to the sexual need in his reformed body. Yet, everything had to end. Maleki tensed against him, claws dragging down his back in agonising lines and Devon cried out in non-sexual pain.

It was the last act of a desperate soul.

Devon’s magic closed round the final traces of his master’s life and took it. Maleki fell away. Instantly the deed was done, Devon’s high went into freefall and his stomach lurched. He began to shake and his muscles turned to water as the power retreated from his body. Slowly, he slid off the couch and he crumpled to the floor, landing right next to the dead body of the creature who had created him. He couldn’t look. Empty and feeling very human, Devon buried his head in his arms and mewed out a growing shock.


Luke dived through the only partially open doors of the elevator and sprinted down the corridor to his apartment. He could hear his own heart hammering in his ears, it had been since he’d got the text from Devon, and he knew things had to have gone wrong. The door was open when he reached it, and he charged inside, leaving it to smash against the wall as he scanned the living room. It took him a while to see his husband, because Devon was not moving at all and he was curled up round his knees on one of their armchairs. Devon was naked.

Luke descended on Devon with all the concern that had been building since his husband had forced him to accept this bloody plan, but he came to a rapid halt when Devon flinched away from him.

“Don’t touch,” Devon told him, his voice strangled with fear, “I don’t know what I’ll do.”

Devon did look up at him over his arms then and Luke saw little flecks of light spinning in his husband’s eyes.

“You sealed the deal?” he checked, but he already knew the answer when Devon gave him a short nod in return.

He buried his head again then and Luke’s heart tore to pieces as Devon said quietly, “I killed it.”

“It worked like you thought it would?”

Another nod and Luke dropped to his knees next to the man he had seen go to hell over the murder of a beloved sister. Now Devon was really there, incubus and demon-killer, but all he wanted to do was wrap his lover in his arms and take away his pain.

“One down, a world full of those monstrous bastards to go,” Devon snarled, still from behind his arms, and Luke cracked.

He didn’t care about the danger in front of him, he didn’t care about avenging where the police could not go, all he cared about was the pain coming from Devon. Hastily, he wrapped his husband in his arms and pulled him off the chair onto his lap. Devon cringed at first, but there was not much fight in him and, as Luke persisted, in sighs and mews, Devon sunk against him. Holding back his own tears, Luke listened as, tiny at first, Devon’s whines became sobs and then wails. Luke rocked Devon gently, knowing he could not have turned his husband from this path, but wishing to all heaven that he had.



  1. Poor Luke, obviously he loves Devon. Luke loves him back but not enough to put his marriage before his vengeance which pretty much puts paid on the marriage.
    This is good in an angsty way. Being in a strange frame of mind as the muse bites ... can relate to that.

    1. It's a tough situation. Luke is trying to handle a loved-one consumed by grief and revenge and, I think, it is just dawning on Devon what he has set himself to do. It's certainly a rocky road ahead.