Tuesday, 28 May 2013

FB3X Drabble Cascade #12 - Demon Call (R, M/M Fantasy)

This post contains adult
language, or themes.

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX flash fiction entry for the 12th Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

So the theme this week is 'darknes', and I began looking at that concept both literally and figuratively. :)

Demon Call

by  Sophie Duncan

Leo lifted the candle up in front of his face, the flickering orange wiping out everything else into blackness around him. He held it so close, he felt the heat prickling on his eyes. The bravado that had led him here, the wild tales were all fading now, but something in the darkness was waking every nerve ending in his skin and, finally, Leo blew at the flame.

The brightness flared and then was gone, leaving only a tiny glow of the wick and orange blobs floating in front of the thick blackness all around. Gaze blind, Leo’s other senses lifted to fill the gap. He held his breath, his ears ringing in the silence and then he heard it, off to his left, a whisper of air. Nothing more, but Leo’s whole body reacted to it, his skin breaking out in goosebumps and the hairs on the back of his neck standing to attention. They were not the only part of his body on the rise, and, turning to the sound, Leo swallowed hard as his groin throbbed at him.

He still held the candle out in front of him, his useless defence against...his brain stalled at that, because the rumours said incubus, but Leo’s instincts had been screaming at him since he’d come to town and they were not screaming demon.

“What do you want, Leo?” a voice played leisurely over his ear.

Leo stepped rapidly away from the feather touch and spun round. The candle went sailing away, landing with a clatter. Rubbing his ear protectively, Leo searched the darkness, but he saw nothing.

“What do you want, boy,” the slightly amused sound came from further off this time and washed over Leo like a rub of fire ointment.

Leo gasped for breath, but his body was waking up faster than he could control it and he shuddered. Yet, he had a purpose here, so he balled up what concentration he had left.

“I want to know,” he finally managed.

Laughter greeted his reply and Leo felt his cheeks heating up. He was completely erect already, sight, or not, his companion knew all. Leo rose onto his toes. However, before he could turn, the ghost of a body pressed up against his back and power coursed through him. All thought of flight evaporated and Leo groaned, leaning back helplessly against the darkness.

“There, there, no fear, little one,” the feathers were back on his ear and this time Leo just smiled as endorphins skittered through his system.

He felt a hand slide under his arm and over his ribs, gliding downward, but he knew there was nothing to see.

“Not a child,” he replied, an unnatural growl he had never heard before entering his voice.

“You were right,” his holder whispered again, and Leo’s heart clenched.

He let out a sudden sob as all the family lies, all the hiding focused in his thoughts, but even his sorrow could not chase away the heat flowing through him.

“Shh, little demon,” the invisible arms around him tightened their embrace, the voice almost gentle if it hadn’t sounded so excited while the wandering hand descended under the laces of his trousers. “We shall have fun and power will be yours tonight.”



  1. Oh how wonderful. So often it's a lost heir or elven blood or some such that is revealed but here the secret is that he has demon blood as his birthright. A demon calling a demon,*grins* so there will be some demon raising going on.

    1. They'll be raising hell together ;)

      I was tempted by the classic eleven, or hero blood trope, it was one of my early directions, but it just didn't work with the mood of the story, something else wanted to be told!

  2. Oo *shivers* Dangerous and delicious all at once. Would love to find out more about both Leo's heritage and his companion.

    1. As with quite a few of my other drabbles/flash fics (I have a really long list now), this one is tickling my muse, but I think it'll need some stewing time before anything develops :)