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FB3X Drabble Cascade #82 - word of the week is 'unite' (a chance to test and share your writing skills)

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

Welcome to FB3X Drabble Cascade #82 - This week's word of the week is 'unite'.

Suitable for all.
The Way A Cascade Works

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AND NOW - on to the fiction :)

Contains adult themes,
or language
The Law (NC17/18, m/m, Fantasy)
by Sophie Duncan

Author's Note
There were so many ways I could have gone with this one, unite is such an emotive word, but I went with a little bit of angst :). [Edit] The angst grew into a short story (again, I kept it to 100 words a part in the spirit of drabbles).


The storm of unity called to him deep inside and, burying his sadness, Frederick took a step towards it.


Frederick whined the pain he had been holding, not daring to turn around. Henry was right behind him and he couldn’t bear it.

“I’m sorry. I’ve tried with the bonds, I cannot live without my magic,” he explained. “I must join The One.”


Henry’s arms came round him. Frederick fought: his resolve would not last much longer.

“Unity is the law!”

“Then bond with me.”

Henry’s offer made Frederick go weak. Henry dragged him away from the maelstrom.

Henry picked up Frederick and hurried away from the maelstrom into the deep woods. His lover was shivering in his arms by the time Henry stopped and he quickly sunk to the ground.

Henry pulled their clothes off and wrapped himself round his slender partner, kissing as he did so. Frederick responded with a murmur of need, his eyes rolling in his head and, for the first time, Henry felt his loved-one’s magic. Power slipped under his skin where their bodies met. He welcomed it, ice and fire at the same time, and then there was no stopping the union.


Frederick sat up, crying out the nightmare of his magic ripping into Henry. He stopped there, the world echoing into stunned silence.

A thud on the door made him jump. He looked round, but a man stood in his way. Frederick’s attention flicked to the scars on this stranger’s wrists: bind runes. He couldn’t help flinching. The man smiled sadly.

“They are not so bad. And you have no choice now, the maelstrom will not be back before your last moon.”

Frederick nodded, the pain of living without magic sinking into his heart.

“Come let us get this over with.”


Henry bashed on the door again, his fears for Frederick rising. The memory of the search party finding them was dim in his brain, but the separation was not. They had tried to keep him away, but he knew the travesty they had planned. Frederick could not live without magic. They could not do this.

He did not know how he had found his way to this door, nor how he knew his partner was behind it, but instinct screamed at him. There were others approaching behind him, running, afraid. He didn’t care. He shouldered the door.

“Let me in!”


The wooden door complained behind him, but, when he stopped at the bench, all Frederick’s attention was on the small pot of boiling metal that his companion had ready: silver laced with herbs, to block magic forever. The man did not have to say anything, Frederick knew what had to happen and he held out his arms, wrists uppermost.
“Brace yourself.”

Frederick bit his lip and nodded. He watched the pot being lifted carefully with tongs and then tipped above his offered flesh.

Behind him, wood splintered: his belly churned.


Too late, the silver hit his wrists. Frederick tensed.


Henry staggered forward through the broken door in time to see Frederick’s curse being poured. He thought he yelled, but his own heartbeat deafened him as he tried to beat the molten prison to his lover.

Despair daggered through him as he saw Frederick’s shoulders hunch, but he grabbed for him anyway. They fell away from the glistening trail of metal, but he had seen it hit Frederick’s wrists. When they hit ground, hastily, he pulled Frederick against him, and using his sleeve, wiped wildly at where the metal had made contact, hoping against hope the binding could be halted.


Frederick lay against Henry’s panting chest in shock. He knew what he would see as Henry rubbed at his wrists clear, but he couldn’t express it, he could only feel it. He felt the bond, the power that would stop him going wild as the next moon rose, but he could only stare at where the molten metal had hit him.

His skin was clear of bind scars, his magic had refused the normal curse and he knew why.

Henry gasped. Frederick twisted in his hold and grinned as joy bubbled out of him.

“Our bond worked,” he whispered and kissed.


Henry sat next to Frederick,regarding with uncertainty the man he didn’t know, who was pacing up and down in front of them both, a line of soldiers immediately behind him.

“Do you believe this?” one of the armed men asked, clearly nervous at the pair-bond explanation Henry had blurted out.

The older man, a healer, Henry guessed from the herbs and paraphernalia around the room, frowned. He shifted closer to Frederick, who was buzzing silently with delight as far as Henry could tell, because his lover hadn’t spoken since kissing him. Their judge shrugged.

“We shall have to see.”


Not yet sunset, but Frederick could feel the moon rising. They’d been locked in Jasper’s house awaiting this moment for six days. Frederick was wound like a top. He looked over at Henry, who was washing pots compulsively. That wasn’t how Frederick wanted to be distracted.

In a few strides, he was up behind Henry. He spun him round and reached savagely for Henry’s trousers. The ties didn’t stand a chance and he reached more carefully within, stroking the already semi-hard cock. Henry shuddered. His eyes glowed a faint green. Then Frederick found himself pushed back against the bench behind.


As he walked past his workshop, Jasper heard his pots breaking and something close to an animal’s growl and his heart sank. He had so hoped the youths had been right about their bond. Yet, it seemed they had merely condemned young Frederick to death, which was the only solution to a wild magician. 

However, the sound that followed the growl was anything but animalistic, it was a very long, very human groan of pleasure. Jasper raised his eyebrows at the guard who was on duty outside the room and they shared a knowing smile.

“Maybe not so bad, eh?”


Henry lay face down on the pile of clothes that had become their bed and murmured his desire as Frederick kissed up his backbone. A whine of disbelief joined his sound, though, when Frederick slid a finger inside him and began climbing above him. Still, he pushed back into the caress, not quite believing he was still horny as hell.

“Tired, Love?” Frederick asked between nips at his shoulderblade.

Henry rumbled half agreement, half denial and glanced out of the window at the moon at full rise. Magic and lust, it seemed, now went hand in hand with her light. 


Frederick examined the rags that had once been his trousers and decided the best way to cover his modesty was to wrap them round his waist. Henry was still out cold on the rest of their clothing, a satisfied smile on his face, and, after the night they had had, Frederick did not want to disturb him.

Still, it took an effort to turn away from his lover as he padded to the door. He was going to knock to summon the guard, but was surprised when he found it slightly ajar. Nervously, he pulled it all the way open.


Jasper heard the creek of the door from the chamber he had taken opposite. 

“Come in,” he called, not bothering his old bones to stand.

Frederick’s pale, but rather flushed face appeared around his door and Jasper snorted in amusement.

“Had fun last night?” he teased just a little.

Frederick’s chest was rapidly colouring scarlet as well, but there was a ghost of a smile twitching at his lips as he came all the way in. That alternated with a frown of discomfort when Jasper offered a seat and Frederick sat.

“I will take that as a yes.” he decided.


Henry moved a little, groaned as every muscle in his body let him know where it was, and then woke up properly. He flopped over onto a mattress, surprise at not still being on the workshop floor slowly creeping up on him.

“Hello, Sleepyhead,” Frederick’s voice greeted him, and he was already smiling when his partner appeared from another room carrying a large bowl of broth.

It smelt divine and his stomach rumbled. He sat up, wincing. Frederick sat down and held out the bowl and a spoon.

“Eat,” his lover ordered, leaning wonderfully up against him as he obeyed.


Frederick watched Henry eat for a while, content in his partner’s company. There were a few bruises beginning to come out on Henry’s suntanned skin, but Frederick’s guilt at having caused them was largely dwarfed by the afterglow of the passion that had caused them. 

It was Henry who, placing the empty bowl down, moved things on, asking, “So what happens now?”

“We are free to go, although Jasper recommends we soundproof our house,” Frederick replied with a grin.

Henry gasped an unsteady breath, sweeping Frederick into his arms. It took Frederick a moment to realise his holder was crying.


Contains adult themes,
or language
 United (PG, m/m, Fantasy)
by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Author's Note
And then there was this....

They said it was to unite the species, to bring peace. However, Kal would rather not have been married to some random elven prince. No human had ever even seen an elf without their full ceremonial armour. Legends said they masked themselves because they looked hideous.

Sitting in the marriage bed, he awaited his fate.

His husband, when he finally arrived, was still wearing a helmet; a bad sign.

He held his breath as the elf removed it.

Then his mouth fell open in shock as he saw a young, just as nervous, but handsome face looking back at him.


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    1. Thanks - it was a lot easier than 'staple' ;P I actually pick them by randomly opening a dictionary and sticking my finger on a page (unless it's a special week like Xmas of course).

  2. Two gems.
    Sophie, I love how you made this in 100 word segments and carried the story through to a point where I didn't need to ask for more. *grins* You'd given it.
    Tasha,It's hard to top Sophie's but you managed. Elves *grins* I love elves and you made the start of their wedding night with both of them feeling vulnerable. Sweet.