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FB3X Drabble Cascade #42 - A Little Help (NC17/18, Erotic Romance)

Contains adult themes,
or language

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX flash fiction entry for the 42nd Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

I woke up this morning with this story in my head, and I just had to write it.

A Little Help
by Sophie Duncan

Justin sat back on his ankles and glowered at the ash pit that had been a blazing fire when he has started practising his spell. His frustration quickly went from angry to defeated, though, as his failure stared him in the face: fire gelfs were harder to conjure than he had imagined. However, just as his spirits were about to sink through the floor, large arms came round him, pulling him back against an equally muscular body and a deep voice rumbled in his ear, “Need some help with that, Darlin’?”

Justin jumped and then shivered as he sank back against Decan’s wonderful embrace. It felt so good to hear his forest ranger’s easy country tones after almost a week of absence and he didn’t mind that the man could sneak up on him.

“How long have you been standing there?” he asked with a sigh that he couldn’t help, even if he was smiling as he stroked the arms that held him.

“Long enough to be horny as a fire god,” Decan murmured back, his words muffled as he nuzzled Justin’s neck.

Justin chuckled lightly and teased, “You’re always horny.”

Decan didn’t respond in words, he just let go with one of his arms and reached for the hem of Justin’s ceremonial robe and began sliding it up his legs.

“I have to practice,” Justin made a minor effort to return to his spell, although his body was already taking notice of the not unfamiliar tugging of the only cloth that covered him.

“I know,” Decan replied, nipping at Justin’s neck, so that he went momentarily weak in his lover’s arms, and as his magic hiccoughed a heartbeat later, Decan continued, “and you always need help with a new spell.”

“I d-,” Justin tried again to object, but Decan’s knowledge of one of his erogenous zones meant he really wasn’t concentrating enough to make any kind of denial.

“By the gods you smell good, what is in that ritual bath of yours?” Decan asked, robe gradually creeping up Justin’s legs and fingers stroking his thigh.

“Um,” Justin almost began listing ingredients for the cleansing ritual that he had performed before starting on the new spell, but it was just too much effort, so he ended up offering, “Why don’t you find out next time?”

He laid his head back on Decan’s shoulder and took his own deep breath of his ranger. Decan smelt of pine smoke and labour, not normally conducive to the prim ways of magic users, but the scent of his partner sunk deep into Justin’s belly and he let out a tiny moan as his magic and the beginnings of arousal came in time. Decan’s hold on him tightened reactively and, his smile growing, Justin closed his eyes and rubbed himself back against the body he had first caught sight of in the river at the bottom of their valley.

The memory of sun-darkened skin glistening with clear droplets on a bright spring day fed Justin’s anticipation, and he was more than ready when, in one long movement, Decan kissed him once more on the neck, hoisted the robe up over Justin’s belly and leant them both forward, so that Justin put out his hands and came to rest on all fours, cloth gathered up under his armpits, arse on display to his ranger. The moment of pure exposure sent a tiny spark of panicked excitement through Justin and he managed breathily, “Anyone could come in.”

“I hung the broom on the door,” Decan replied absently, running his big, rough palms up over Justin’s buttocks and parting them.

“Broom?” Justin checked, although his brain was losing track of where his panic had been going as Decan continued to stroke his arse.

“Folks saw me come home, they’ll know,” Decan finished the conversation not with words, but by bending down and dragging his tongue up over all that he had revealed.

Justin moaned again, a lot louder this time and shuddered from head to foot, body and magic rather liking the warm, wet sensation. When Decan did it again, Justin leant back into the lick and was rewarded when tongue then pressed against his entrance. Slippery, probing muscle made Justin forget all about the spell, all about anything else in fact, and he rocked reactively against Declan’s delicious mouth, just letting his instincts swirl in a lustful tangle with the sensations that spread pleasure out through his body.

Losing track of time was a familiar feeling for Justin when Decan’s talented attentions were concerned and that afternoon was no different as he was gradually opened and relaxed, not only in body, but in sorcery as well. His body was singing to him on both the physical and psychical planes by the time the delicious sensations ended. Justin mewed his loss distractedly when Decan knelt up straight, but Decan squeezed his buttocks reassuringly and every instinct in the wizard stood up and took notice as his ears picked up the sound of buttons coming undone. Decan grunted in a very specific, somewhat desperate way that made Justin smile from ear to ear, and it was no surprise when cock swiftly replaced tongue.

Relaxed and slick, Justin was ready, at least he thought he was ready as Decan bumped his hole and he greeted his lover’s arousal with a hungry growl that spoke for him and his magic. Yet, Decan was long and thick (something else that Justin had noted on the river bak that first day), and his growl became a whine as he was opened slowly, but firmly. His arse complained, never quite ready, always erotically surprised by the girth pushing into him, making him work, making him pay full attention to the moment with everything that he was. Justin, wizard, lover, man, had never been able to explain what Decan did to him, but his whole being came into line, magic, passion and body, and he felt the world like at no other time.

Decan’s groan filled his ears, a long, passionate sound that took over from his own as it disappeared inside, meeting his magic as surely as his lover’s cock. They knew each other well enough that both stilled once Decan had buried himself ball deep into Justin, each savouring the union, reaffirming their bond. Justin drifted in the erotic lull, full of his lover in ways that went beyond the physical. His magic sought out the earthy feel of his ranger, swirling in his belly, spreading out through every pore, out of his own body and into Decan’s. Decan’s only reaction was a shiver, otherwise holding them still, large palms gripping Justin’s waist, and, as his magic grew stronger, that control made the young wizard feel safe.

His magic and his arousal rising, Justin could not contain either for very long, and Decan did not make him. Decan had never revealed how he knew when passion and power became too much for Justin to hold, but before a plea reached Justin’s lips, Decan moved, sliding out and forcefully back in. Justin threw his head back and, with a growl of delight, pushed back to meet the move. His muscles ached, his cock throbbed and filled out, and his sorcery spiked: Justin shuddered with delight. Decan gave him no time to revel, though, thrusting a second time and compounding the moment into what became a rhythm of desire.

Justin moved in time with Decan’s demand, magic and lust drawing out the sense of power he had thought he could not contain, his senses making him feel insignificant and invincible at the same time. He was a tiny dot in a universe of power, a frail thing of flesh in a realm of gods, but with the love and desire of his ranger inside and out, Justin risked that connection to the strength beyond. He did not remember closing his eyes, but Justin opened them and concentrated on the fire pit. Confident, loved, he knelt up and Decan’s arms came round him, pulling him hard against straining muscle. His body tight with power, his balls heavy with arousal, Justin gasped the words of the fire gelf spell, each one falling from his lips in time with a deep, deliberate thrust from his lover, each one driving them closer and closer to the edge.

It was too much, Justin panted and writhed on Decan’s demands, heady and out of control. Yet, as he screamed the last word of the spell, desire and direction came into perfect symmetry. Decan thrust into him one last time, releasing his own seed, power flared reactively in Justin and he clenched. Sex and sorcery met in his climax and Justin grabbed needily for the strong arms holding him as both shot out of his body over the fire.

Justin’s world spun with magic and a very satisfying physical pleasure for long wonderful seconds, but he could no more sustain such a potent link to his power than he could his orgasm, so, eventually, Justin sagged against Decan, glad that he was still held by those tree-trunk arms. They were both panting hard, which meant the feel of Decan’s still solid cock inside him made Justin squirm with overload, but he wouldn’t have wanted it any different.

“Aren’t you ever satisfied?” he teased, trying to contain the little starts of desire that were going off in his brain and his magic still.

Decan mumbled something that Justin thought was a negative, but it wasn’t really coherent and his lover went back to nuzzling his neck, while still holding his robe up off his body with one hand and stroking Justin’s belly with the other. Justin stretched into the touch and murmured his pleasure, more than ready to continue until he proved to his ranger that he could be satisfied. However, it was then he looked back to the fire and the result of the spell managed to distract him from the sex for a moment, because, where there had been only glowing ash in the fire pit, there were now two fire gelfs. The tiny creatures, their humanoid bodies made entirely of flame, were standing in the ash, bright golden eyes blinking at the wizard and his lover.

“Dec, we have an audience,” Justin found himself whispering, not really sure what the curl of emotion in his belly was.

Decan stopped kissing his neck, which would have disappointed Justin but for the fact he was rather distracted by still very much being on display to his own creations, seated on his lover, his clothing up round his armpits.

“Told you, you need help,” Decan crowed, apparently unfazed by being watched, because he made no attempt to lower Justin’s robe, in fact, he continued stroking lower. “We should just register me as your familiar.”

“Then we’d have to do this in front of the council,” Justin immediately objected, and Decan did pause in his ministrations.

However, a moment was all Decan gave to that consideration. Justin started and groaned as Decan’s rough palm descended to his groin, quickly surrounding his spent cock and giving him a firm rub.

“Then we better get practising,” his ranger murmured in his ear, “I know how you like to make a good impression.”

Justin whined, wriggled and then panted with over-sensitivity, but he didn’t try to stop his ranger, he knew that was a hopeless task. Instead, before his brain melted out of his ears, he took one last look at their audience. He choked a delirious laugh, because his creations were no longer interested in Decan and him. Instead, the two tiny creatures were much more interested in each other.


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