Tuesday, 1 October 2013

FB3X Drabble Cascade #30 - The Final Straw (G, m/m romance)

Suitable for All

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX drabble entry for the 30th Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

After not having time to write for a couple of weeks thanks to work and then family emergency, lots of idea sprang to mind for the word stake, most of them vampiric. ;P However, then this little thought formed in my head. It's a brief window on an argument and I leave it to the reader to decide what it's about, maybe you can tell me.

The Final Straw
by Sophie Duncan

“Don’t you ever do that again!” Dylan shrieked and Xander took a rapid step backwards.

He’d never heard such vehemence from his boyfriend. The fire in Dylan’s eyes shocked him.

“I may only be human, you patronising arsehole...” Dylan carried on and barrelled into Xander’s body, fists swinging.

Stunned, Xander left the thumps to bounce off. Yet, his non-reaction broke the rage: a sob escaped Dylan’s mouth and Xander’s heart cracked. Punches became desperate, shaking arms holding him.

“…but I have as much stake in this relationship as you,” Dylan whispered more effectively than any yell. “Never forget that.”

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