Tuesday, 21 May 2013

FB3X Drabble Cascade #11 - Fire Under Ice (NC17/18, M/M Erotica)

This post contains adult
language, or themes.

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX drabble entry for the 11th Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

So the theme this week is 'cold', which led me to ice, which then made me think of fire and ice and then Limini formed in my head. :)

Fire Under Ice

by  Sophie Duncan

Xander panted and wriggled as the tiny dribbles of cold descended over his abdomen towards his hot, pulsing erection. Whoever had told him ice fairies were frigid had been lying, because Limini was generating enough heat out of him for both of them. Shivering in his own private snow storm, Xander grabbed for anything, finding the fine points of ice in Limini’s hair that melted quickly under his fingers and tangled around them.

“Please,” he begged for a little respite from that chillingly tantalising tongue.

Ice by name, fire by nature, Limini just chuckled and carried on his decadent path.



  1. Oo, hot! Love the contrast between Xander's heat and Limini's cold.

  2. Like your Limini cold yet sizzling hot :)