Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Drabblerotic - What's Next? Reflections on A to Z

So, the A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2013 is over. We hope you enjoyed Drabblerotic, our spicy little 100 word fics from A to Z, we certainly enjoyed writing them! :)

When we first heard of the A to Z Challenge, we weren't sure if a fiction blog would fit into the scheme of things, but it sounded like an interesting blog hop. Thus, we had to think about what an erotic romance blog like ours could do consistently for 26 posts, and the idea of drabbles came up. We thought it was a fun idea and would give our readers a bitesize piece of fiction to enjoy every day during the challenge. What we found when we began preparing for the challenge and pre-scheduling the drabbles in order to give us enough time to edit and present them, that we both enjoyed the challenge of capturing something in exactly 100 words. It sometimes takes hours to tweak a piece enough to say what you really want to say.

A comment from a reader when we began to advertise Drabblerotic, about how much fun she also found writing drabbles then sparked off more thoughts. So, out of our preparations for the A to Z came an idea to run a community blog hop around 100 words: The Drabble Cascades, which we now run on a weekly basis. Our readers have given us seed words, and, each week, we pick one randomly from the list, post it and ask anyone who wants to join in to write a drabble inspired by that word. We've been running for 8 weeks now and we have a wonderful bunch of regulars, but, of course, we're always looking for more writers! We're also expanding into flash fiction! So, thanks A to Z, without that little push, we wouldn't be where we are with our community now.

Finally, the best thing about this whole A to Z, we think, has been the A to Z Ambassadors, wonderful folks who popped by the blog before and during the challenge to offer encouragement and wisdom. Thanks, Ambassadors, you made us feel really welcome! :D

So What's Next for FB3X?
Well, we'll be continuing with our scheduled book releases, we have one out imminently, The Trade, by Tasha D-Drake.

And the Drabble Caccades will be continuing every Tuesday.

We're always looking for new inspiration, though, so we wanted to ask you, our readers, what you'd like to read, and to seed your thoughts we'd like to use Drabblerotic.  So, our question is:

Are there any Drabblerotic Drabbles you'd like to read more about?

Let us know by dropping us a note in the post comments and we'll see what we can do about developing them into longer stories.


  1. You ask this of ME? How MANY of these did I ask for more? *smiles*
    This was fun. Thank you for allowing me to play.

    1. :D

      We do have all the replies from Drabblerotic and the Drabble Cascacdes so far as well, so we will maintain a list of those we already have and add to the list as the Drabble Cascades go on week by week as well and look into them, we promise. Now we're not posting every day in April, or preparing for it, we should have a chance to get to that back catalogue! ;P

  2. Thank you for joining us this year with such a cooperative attitude and respect for other bloggers. I appreciate that you accept the need for the labeling of content that all might not appreciate and you did it very well.

    We're glad that the Challenge gave your blog a push and expanded your community a bit more. Best wishes in your future blogging.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thank you for all the hard work organising the Challenge. You have generated a great community.

  3. Congratulations on finishing! This was my first challenge and I'm hooked.
    Great reflection post!
    Peanut Butter and Whine