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As well as announcing book releases, on this blog, we're also organising and joining in challenges, competitions and blog hops.

FB3X Drabble Cascade (Every Tuesday)
FB3X Drabble Cascade

Drabbles, little pieces of imagination made up of exactly 100 words, are fun. Drabbles are also a challenge that we at FB3X have found really help hone our writerly command of language, focusing us on using words with precision, and we'd love to share the joys of this art form with everyone who'd like to play.

Whether you just enjoy reading drabbles, or you want to join in with writing them, or you'd like to leave us some inspiration, read on and join in the adventure!

Every Tuesday, FB3X are running a Drabble Cascade, where we take a one-word inspiration from our readers and encourage anyone who wants to to write a drabble for that word and add it to our linked list for others to read.

For more information, check here.

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The Vampire Bite Blog Hop (14th Feb 2013)
We kicked off the Fantasy Boys XXX blog by joining in The Vampire Bite blog hop, a wonderful mix of posts by folks who love vampires.