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FB3X Drabble Cascade #136 - word of the week is 'wicked' (a chance to test and share your writing skills)

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

Welcome to FB3X Drabble Cascade #136 - This week's word of the week is 'wicked'.

Suitable for all.
The Way A Cascade Works

it's really very simple, be inspired by our word of the week and just write :).

To see this week's entries check out the list at the bottom of this post. We put it behind a cut so it doesn't clog up your scrolling.

A drabble is a work of 100 words exactly. Flash fiction is a work of up to 500 words. Both may be submitted to the cascade. So What Can You Write? The simple answer is - anything! Our work here on FB3X will be erotically themed. but feel free to take the inspiration any way you want to, fiction, fanfiction, non-fiction, meta, since variety is the spice of life!

To those struck by inspiration (and no you don't have to be a professional writer to join in, anyone can embrace their inner author):
  • Below you will find a chance to join in the cascade in the form of a linked list
    • Write a drabble/flash fiction inspired by the word of the week.
    • Post the fiction to your own blog, social media, or website 
    • Then insert a link into the linked list to that drabble/flash fiction for everyone to find (A hint of the genre of your drabble/flash fiction in the title of your post would be appreciated.), e.g. A Little Bit of Fun (PG, Science Fiction)
    • To encourage your friends to join in and hence cascade the fun, you can also add the list into your own post by copying the code.
  • OR you can just write us something in the comments :)
For folks who enjoy reading drabbles/flash fiction: you can then peruse the cascade to your heart's content :).

AND NOW - on to the fiction :)

Contains adult themes,
or language
Flight of Fire (Part 44) (PG, m/m, Fantasy)
by Sophie Duncan

Author's Note
I'm trying to do something a little different this year. For those of you who don't know, unless it's a week inspired by a holiday, or memorable occasion, our word of the week is picked by opening up a dictionary to a random location, waving a finger about without looking at the page and pointing it to a word, i.e. it's chance. So, this year, rather than standalone drabbles, I am going to try writing a coherent story, Flight of Fire, in 100 word episodes, each one inspired by the word of the week. I have a vague outline for characters and direction of Flight of Fire, but specifics will be decided by the word of the week.

Wicked can be used both descriptively and to attack.


“The Dragon Wars began when the monsters began attacking farms,” Blane intoned flatly, pacing in front of Benedict and Ferric’s desks.

Benedict had bitten his tongue since the history lesson had begun, but he could not stay silent longer.

“Humans attacked dragons to steal their hoards,” he objected.

Instantly, a wide leather strap slapped hard onto the desk in front of him. Benedict started. Blane closed in on him.

“Wicked liar,” Blane snarled, eyes blazing.

“No!” Benedict denied, ire and magic rising.

Blane’s stare narrowed. Benedict tensed, fear too late to save him. With a growl, Blane shoved Benedict backwards.


Contains adult themes,
or language
Trouble Brewing (Fantasy, m/m, PG)
by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Author's Note
Who doesn't love a wicked smile? Of course I had to run with it.


It was the wicked smile that had Marc worried. When Ben grinned like that there was always trouble.

"We could change the colour of the clock tower," Ben suggested.

Marc groaned; he should have known it was another prank from his best friend. It was actually hideously complex magic Ben was talking about like it was nothing, something that would point straight at them.

Deciding he did not want to be threatened with being sent down again, he did something he'd been meaning to do for a while. He reached out, grabbed Ben and kissed him.

"I have a better idea."


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  1. Flying – I can see why Benedict ended up with Reynaulght. Already he’s defending the dragons’ reputation. Blane has been reduced to childish behavior if he’s pushing Benedict like a school yard bully.

    Trouble Brewing- Yeah wicked smiles are attractive for better or not so good interaction. One hopes for the better. Marc was wise that he decided to change it for the better.

    1. Blane is a bully fullstop, but he has a plan.