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FB3X Drabble Cascade #118 - word of the week is 'chimera' (a chance to test and share your writing skills)

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

Welcome to FB3X Drabble Cascade #118 - This week's word of the week is 'chimera'.

Suitable for all.
The Way A Cascade Works

it's really very simple, be inspired by our word of the week and just write :).

To see this week's entries check out the list at the bottom of this post. We put it behind a cut so it doesn't clog up your scrolling.

A drabble is a work of 100 words exactly. Flash fiction is a work of up to 500 words. Both may be submitted to the cascade. So What Can You Write? The simple answer is - anything! Our work here on FB3X will be erotically themed. but feel free to take the inspiration any way you want to, fiction, fanfiction, non-fiction, meta, since variety is the spice of life!

To those struck by inspiration (and no you don't have to be a professional writer to join in, anyone can embrace their inner author):
  • Below you will find a chance to join in the cascade in the form of a linked list
    • Write a drabble/flash fiction inspired by the word of the week.
    • Post the fiction to your own blog, social media, or website 
    • Then insert a link into the linked list to that drabble/flash fiction for everyone to find (A hint of the genre of your drabble/flash fiction in the title of your post would be appreciated.), e.g. A Little Bit of Fun (PG, Science Fiction)
    • To encourage your friends to join in and hence cascade the fun, you can also add the list into your own post by copying the code.
  • OR you can just write us something in the comments :)
For folks who enjoy reading drabbles/flash fiction: you can then peruse the cascade to your heart's content :).

AND NOW - on to the fiction :)

Contains adult themes,
or language
Flight of Fire (Part 26) (PG, m/m, Fantasy)
by Sophie Duncan

Author's Note
I'm trying to do something a little different this year. For those of you who don't know, unless it's a week inspired by a holiday, or memorable occasion, our word of the week is picked by opening up a dictionary to a random location, waving a finger about without looking at the page and pointing it to a word, i.e. it's chance. So, this year, rather than standalone drabbles, I am going to try writing a coherent story, Flight of Fire, in 100 word episodes, each one inspired by the word of the week. I have a vague outline for characters and direction of Flight of Fire, but specifics will be decided by the word of the week.

Chimera was a tough one, because, on the one hand, it can be such a specific term - it is a creature from Greek mythology with the lion's head, a goat's body and the tail of a serpent. Yet, it has also come to mean any mythical creature made out of the parts of different animals. I took one step beyond that for this part of  the story, using chimera as an inspiration for the creation of something out of different parts, those parts being magic.


Everything built anew. The feeling growing in Stephan’s chest ran alongside a more physical sensation this time. It fired unexpected pleasure centres. He shifted, gasping a breath. Fear still shivered down his spine, mixing old and new trepidations. Still, he could not abandon the delightfully paired experiences. He did not want to lose contact with Reynaulght again.

‘Love, we need your help,’ his companion called.

The herald was not for Stephan.

‘Wha-?’ Benedict’s distracted thought hit them, followed wildly by magic.

Three powers unified then - strong, transformative, instinctive. Stephan felt the creation of something new. He moaned. 

Contains adult themes,
or language
by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Author's Note
Did it again, this is a 500 word flashfic :) Hope you like it.


They all feared him, but dared not try to hurt him. He was too strong, too fast, too magical. When the wizard, his father, had still lived it had been different, but the old man was gone. Now he was simply the bastard child of sorcery, not the protector of the sage.

He guessed that the locals thought his father had controlled him with magic and now he was wild and free. That was why he only ever went to town for essentials. He did not like the whispers about his claws or the fear he saw in faces when he looked at them with his golden eyes, any more than they liked to see him.

"My, my, aren't you different," were the words that halted him as he came out of the tailor's.

He would have just walked on, but the speaker was standing right in front of him. When he looked up he was surprised there was no sneer on the man's face.

"Excuse me," he said.

"Oh, of course," the other man said and smiled.

It had been so long since Jax had seen a genuine smile he almost didn't recognise it. The way it lit up the handsome face of the other man made the breath catch in his throat and he hesitated just a moment.

"Do you mind me asking," the man barrelled on, "are you a chimera?"

Jax frowned a little, but did bob his head. He wasn't used to people actually trying to talk to him.

"Wow, amazing. Your parent must be some magic user."

Another shock, no one ever referred to the wizard as his parent except him and the old man, creator, yes, maker, even more often, but never parent. No one usually understood how much of a son he had been to his father.

"He was," Jax said quietly.

"Oh, I'm sorry," the man immediately apologised, "you've lost him?"

Jax nodded again.

"I lost my father three years ago," the man said, "it's hard, I know. Sorry to open old wounds."

Someone actually caring rather wrong-footed Jax.

"Thank you," he said eventually.

"You don't talk much do you?" his companion said and he shook his head which made the man smile. "Name's Killian, Killian Una, wizard first class."

Killian stuck out his hand and Jax just stared at it for a moment, before carefully shaking it.

"Jax," he said.

Killian did not look like a wizard, Jax was sure wizards were supposed to wear robes and have long beards. His father had been the epitome of a wizard. Killian was dressed in hard worn leather and had stubble.

"Well, Jax," Killian said, "would you like to have lunch with me?"

"Why?" was his surprised reaction.

Killian actually laughed.

"Well, honestly," Killian said, leaning in, "you're the first person I've met who seems to have a brain and you're also the best looking man I've seen for thirty leagues."

Jax really didn't know how to take that.

"Um," he said.


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  1. Challenging word promp.

    Flight of Fire- And here I thought that Benedict would have to be there in physical form to integrate his side of things for this melding. Now all that’s needed is Stephan’s former abuser to arrive and be dealt with/warned off/deposed of.

    Encounter- Tasha, please could you write another 500 words to continue this? Killian is working up hill trying to ‘meet’ Jax and for all he says that Jax is the first person he’s seen who has a brain, the amount of conversation he’s been able to elicit from Jax doesn’t give any real proof of that. Who knows maybe the town’s folk called in another wizard for the purpose of constraining Jax as Jax’s father supposedly had done.

    1. I may be moving a little slower, but I do intend for there to be room for vengeance :)