Friday, 10 April 2015

FB3X Drabblerotic A to Z 2015 - I is for Ivory - (fiction)

This post contains adult themes.
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So, without further ado, onto today's drabble...



I is for Ivory

Author's Note

So I think my brain went, ivory = tusks = almost teeth ... yep, that will do :).


by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Huge ivory fangs; the last thing those attacked by a Luran would see. Timon had seen them, felt them bite into his skin, but he wasn't dead. He didn't understand why.

He had lost consciousness and now he was in a cave. The Luran was beside him, keeping him warm.

[Sleep,] a deep voice said in his mind.


[It will take time for you to change.]

"I don't understand."

[You entered my territory, I wanted you, now you are pack and I shall win you as my mate. Now sleep.]

Timon still didn't understand, but that voice was hypnotic.


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  1. Like this one very much. In fact it would make be nice to know more about these two characters.

    1. Yay, that's always the aim of a drabble - thank you :)

  2. Found it hard to visualise not knowing what a Luran is, I'm going with some sort of Saber-Toothed-Cat. I take it the Luran is intelligent can change people but isn't a shifter?

    1. Think it's closer to a lamia. Think really large were-snake with maybe human upper part? Maybe close to a lorelei but male form here.

      Dr Who had Silurians. Reptile people.

    2. Not enough there to signal either, both would work I guess.

  3. So if they don't actually eat you, the Luran change you into one of them?
    You really need to take these drabbles and turn them into short stories at least.