Tuesday, 18 November 2014

FB3X Drabble Cascade #87 - word of the week is 'sensitivity' (a chance to test and share your writing skills)

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

Welcome to FB3X Drabble Cascade #87 - This week's word of the week is 'sensitivity'.

Suitable for all.
The Way A Cascade Works

it's really very simple, be inspired by our word of the week and just write :).

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A drabble is a work of 100 words exactly. Flash fiction is a work of up to 500 words. Both may be submitted to the cascade. So What Can You Write? The simple answer is - anything! Our work here on FB3X will be erotically themed. but feel free to take the inspiration any way you want to, fiction, fanfiction, non-fiction, meta, since variety is the spice of life!

To those struck by inspiration (and no you don't have to be a professional writer to join in, anyone can embrace their inner author):
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For folks who enjoy reading drabbles/flash fiction: you can then peruse the cascade to your heart's content :).

AND NOW - on to the fiction :)

Contains adult themes,
or language
Love Beyond The Superstition (NC17/18, m/m, Fantasy)
by Sophie Duncan

Author's Note
I began thinking about what sensitivity is - the ability to sense itself, and ways in which we can increase that sensitivity. Sometimes it just happens, we can develop, or be born with a sensitivity to something, like an allergy, but other times we can be trained to listen to our senses more closely, making use of sensitivities that are already there. Being close to someone, spending time, sharing with them, can raise our level of response...

I wanted to put both the initiation and the outcome in this piece, so there are 2 100 word drabbles that make up the story. :)

Daniel gasped, then whined. He couldn’t take Justin’s teasing much longer. His lover had played him for what felt like hours, his aching cock and rippling magic a testament to Justin’s skill. Still, Daniel was nervous: ‘no good came of loving a magic-eater’.

“I want all of you,” Justin smiled at him from between his legs. “Your magic.”

Justin licked a stripe up his inner thigh. Daniel’s stomach flipped.

“Your lust.”

A nibble at his hip bone; he shivered.

“Your love.”

Superstition be damned. Warm dampness surrounded his cock, Daniel arched off the bed, freely giving of everything he was.


They had lain together in blissed-out silence for an unmarked time after the sharing. Daniel knew he had a stupid grin on his face, he could feel it, but with his body and mind swimming with pleasure, he couldn’t help it. There was something much more fundamental there too, a connection, a wonderful union that made the core of his being so content he knew he would never let it go.

Eventually, though, he noticed more superficial things: he was still horny as hell. Grinning, Daniel pushed himself onto his side. He stroked a hand over Justin’s chest.

“My turn.”