Saturday, 8 March 2014

TLW Lexicon - A Literary Festival for Readers & Writers! 15th & 16th March 2014

TLW Lexicon 15th & 16th March 2014
Next weekend is going to be fab, because it's the event we've been looking forward to since Graham Guy announced it - The TLW Lexicon 2014 is upon us.

A literary festival for both readers and writers, the TLW Lexicon boasts a great line up: screenwriter, Christopher Colton; editor, writer, tutor Katy Darby; best-selling author, Stephen Deas; author and editor Cherry Potts; prize-winning author, Stewart Ross; author Bartle Sawbridge; author, screenwriter Ben Slythe; and, of course, author, photographer and the man responsible for the festival, Graham Guy.

Plus, another reason we're really excited about this event is that, Tasha, and Sophie, who run Wittegen Press and FB3X, are also featuring during the festival. We're going to be on the main stage both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, we're, talking about Self-publishing vs Indie Publishing, where we'll be discussing why we set up our own publisher, and some hints in and tips on going it alone in the publishing world. On Sunday, we're talking about Building Worlds and Building Audiences. Plus, of course, we'll be hanging around the festival at other times, joining in the start of the day panels and listening to the other panellists. Plus, we'd love to meet people and talk about books :).

There's also signings, a chance to meet all the authors and business stalls as well, and it's all for only £1 to get in.

Oh yes, finally, you probably want to know where all this is happening: The TLW Lexicon is taking place on 15th and 16th March 2014 at the Alexander Centre Faversham, Kent, UK. There's a great train service to Faversham, straight down from London, and also it's just off the M2.

For more details of how to get to the event, and much more information about all the happenings, check out the TLW Lexicon's website.

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