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Drabble Cascade #28 - Perfect Symmetry (m/m, fantasy, NC17)

This post contains Adult
Language or themes.

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX fiction entry for the 28th Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

This one was a hard one, I just couldn't fix on an idea for 'water' and then this popped into my head and saved me :). Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading.

Perfect Symmetry
by Tasha D-Drake

Drip, drip, drip.

The rain coming off the roof and leaking from the gutter was driving Del mad. He was far enough from the tiles that he couldn't hear the actual rain, but that dripping was even worse.

He hated the rain.

It seemed to symbolise everything he wasn't and exactly why he didn't fit in. He was from the desert, his skin was much darker than all those around him here, he suffered with the cold, the damp made him sneeze and he carried the ancient magic in his veins. He was alone among blond, blue eyed people he really knew nothing about and all it seemed to do all the time was rain.

His was the power of fire and he felt alien in this place of dark skies heavy with water.

He silently cursed the gods that he had been born during the cycle where the Keeper of Fire was sent to the Northlands rather than the Keeper of Water coming to his homeland instead. Of course he had known his destiny, he had been born with the power burning in his eyes, but he had never imagined it would be like this. All he wanted was to go home.

A light tap on his door pulled him from his gloomy contemplations. He could not let these strangers see how depressed he was feeling; it would not be seemly, so he wrapped his cloak closer around him and stood to his full height.

"Come in," he called.

He really didn't expect the door to open very quickly, someone to dart inside and then the door to be closed just as fast. It was altogether a surreptitious move and he willed his power to the surface just in case. Anyone would have to be an idiot to attack him front on, but occasionally idiots did try.

"Oh, no need for that," the stranger said, pushing wet blond hair back off his face and smiling, "I have no sinister motives, I promise."

The dancing blue eyes distracted Del for a moment, but he pulled himself together quickly.

"How did you know I was ready to defend myself?" was not what he actually intended to ask, but he was preoccupied and it was what came into his head.

He had called on his power, but he had made very sure it would not show on the outside.

"Oh," the other man said and grinned.

Then Del sensed it, an answering power. He could not help his shock as he recognised the twin to his own magic.

"You are the Keeper of Water?" he asked, honestly shocked.

His teachers had led him to believe those of the north were a restrained people, cold to strangers and slow to trust. So far nothing he had seen of his hosts had dissuaded him of this notion, but the man in front of him was nothing like that at all.

"I know, I'm not what you were expecting," the other Keeper said, "I wasn't what anyone was expecting actually. I live to surprise everyone. I'm supposed to be meditating at the moment, ready for the ceremony, but it seemed totally pointless. So, hello, I'm Fox."

Before Del really knew what was happening, Fox had crossed the room and was shaking his hand. As their fingers touched Del felt a shock run up his arm and he shuddered, totally unable to stop his reaction. His magic rippled and delightful shots of power ran all over his body.

"Oh, by all that's holy," Fox said, "now I know what they meant by 'no problem with compatibility'. I'd really like to get inside your cloak right now."

Del was horrified as he felt his face heat up; he was definitely not supposed to be the bashful one in this arrangement.

"That came out of my mouth didn't it," Fox said with a sheepish grin, "sorry. My teachers have been trying to train me out of that since I was tiny, but nothing seems to stop me talking. It's a character flaw."

It could have been incredibly annoying, but Del found himself smiling back. Fox was exactly what he needed in this dreary, wet place.

"I think maybe the gods had a plan," he said, which was when he realised he was still holding Fox's hand.

"That's what my mother has always told me, but most people think she's a little mad," Fox replied. "If you want me to shut up, just throw a cushion at my head or something."

"Oh, I have a better idea," Del said and pulled Fox towards him, covering the other man's mouth with his own.

Fox did actually try to say something, but Del just used the opportunity to stick his tongue in Fox's mouth, at which point Fox stopped trying to communicate and joined in. Del felt his magic humming and rising to the surface, seeking its match in Fox. It was incredible and he almost lost himself in the contact, only just managing to pull away before it became too much. Fox's eyes were glowing blue and he was sure his would be answering with reddish gold.

"I should go," Fox said breathlessly. "I don't want to, but if I don't one of us is going to end up on his back with his legs spread."

"So?" Del challenged.

"But the ceremony," Fox replied.

"The law says the Keepers must join together," he said, licking his lips as the idea formed in his mind, "not where. The ceremony is only a few hundred years old, this has been going on for millennia."

The way Fox grinned was about the only answer he needed and he leaned back in, finally letting go of his counterpart's hand. He had better things to be doing, like removing all of Fox's clothes as fast as possible. They were going to be in so much trouble from the elders, but Del didn't care. This was the first sign of light he had seen in the north and a bit of rebellion was completely what his soul needed.

Garments went left and right, and even up at one point, but, although he ended up naked, for once Del wasn't cold. The heat of his power tickled under his skin and he summoned the small pot of lubricant from his bag to his hand with a thought.

"Top or bottom?" he asked, because he was feeling generous.

For once Fox just looked at him with those luminous eyes.

"You choose," was the short, to the point reply.

It seemed he had found a way to relieve Fox of his small verbal problem.

This was one of the things Del had been trained for. He had never actually been allowed to have sex with someone else, a Keeper was only allowed to join with another Keeper, but he had been through the motions of preparing for sex many times. The thing was, he wasn't sure if he wanted to experience giving, or receiving first.

"Let the magic decide," he said, pulling Fox flush against him and feeling the cool flow of his counterpart's magic.

Linking his fingers with Fox's, the small jar between their palms, he closed his eyes and allowed his power to rise. He sensed it as soon as Fox did the same and this time he did not hold it back, allowing fire to meet water and curl together in perfect symmetry.

Everything became a little hazy after that.

The experience was a lot headier than he had guessed at as the magic really did take control. He and Fox were vessels for the ancient powers governing their lands. They had been brought together to create balance and prosperity and for a while Del lost himself. There was touching and kissing and so many good things, but none of it made a huge amount of sense as instinct and magic took over.

When his brain finally did manage to separate anything sensible from the heavenly rush, he found himself bent over the end of the chaise next to his bed with Fox thrusting into him with long, deep strokes. About the only thing he could do was moan. His blood was on fire and it was amazing.

"By all the gods, stop them," he heard someone say and it clicked as to why his brain might have come back online.

"Do not be an idiot," someone else said, a woman this time, and he turned his head, even as Fox came to rest, buried hilt deep in him.

His vision was tinged with little licks of flame, as if his body was barely containing the elemental magic and he stared at the two people in his room. He did not even try to recognise them from the hoard of people he had been introduced to since his arrival, he just knew he was not going to let them stop anything.

"Out," the woman said and literally grabbed hold of her companion's arm.

"But the ceremony," the man protested.

"They're performing it," the woman replied and dragged the man towards the door.

Del felt Fox's grip on his hips loosen a little.

"Move," was about as coherent as he could get and he moaned some more when Fox obliged.

He had never imagined it would be this good as his magic rose again and took away everything except the wonderful sensations running through his body.

There were orgasms, several of them as he and Fox joined themselves and their magic in so very many ways. It was the most free he had ever felt and he refused to stop until his body actually gave out from exhaustion.

He wasn't actually sure where he was when he finally dropped, but when he woke up he was in bed, someone had cleaned him and Fox was curled up against his side. The first thing he noted after that was that he ached, the second thing was that he was hungry and the third thing was the sun was shining through the window.

The rain had stopped and he smiled.


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  1. There is magic used here so of course I love this.

    *grins* And I've had rain for 2 solid days after a long dry hot spell so of course I understand Del's feelings on the continuous wet even if the temps here were only in the mid 70s F.

    If only it were this easy to balance the rain and sun.