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Drabble Cascade #26 - Fire of Want (m/m, fantasy, NC17/18)

This post contains Adult
Language or themes.

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX flash fic entry for the 26th Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

If you check out the first line of this fic, you will see it is stunningly similar to Sophie's first line in her drabble this week. We did not converse, it's just one of those examples of the twin thing that sometimes happens when we're writing for the same prompt :). Very definitely adult male/male fiction below the cut, so please don't click if you don't want to read it.

Fire of Want
by Tasha D-Drake

Sweat trickled down Jake's back. He could feel a drop winding its way over his taught muscles and into the cleft of his arse. His whole body felt far too hot and he strained against his bonds. As a finger touched his back, chasing one of the droplets downwards, it felt like he was on fire and he whimpered.

"You're almost ready, aren't you," his tormentor purred in his ear, "almost ready to submit."

The gag in his mouth stopped him from replying, so all he could do was moan. His arms were stretched above his head by chains and his knees were pushed apart by a long length of metal, strapped in place by leather. He was naked and he had never felt so vulnerable in his life.

"Do you like my magic," his companion asked, "can you feel it wrapping around every fibre, every muscle? It is making you ache?"

Jake moaned again, because even just the voice made his dick throb and his balls tighten. When he had agreed to this he had never guessed, not even partially understood just what Ollie's magic would do to him. They had discussed it, talked it through, but words could never describe how raw he felt, how needy. Until today he'd always topped in their relationship; he wasn't good at letting go control, but then Ollie had started to look peaky. Ollie was a sex mage and Jake had gone to Ollie's teacher to find out what was wrong. The explanation had been simple, Ollie required balance in sex, and Ollie could have got the rest of what he needed from another partner, but Jake wasn't a sharer either.

What it boiled down to was Ollie was making himself weak, because of Jake's insecurities.

This was the only way to realign the balance. It was extreme, but according to Ollie's teacher the relationship was so skewed in one direction it would take months to put it right any other way. Jake didn't want Ollie suffering anymore for him.

"I'm going to look after you, my darling," Ollie told him, running a finger over one of his nipples and then pinching. "You're being so good for me."

He blinked sweat out of his eyes, seeing Ollie's blown pupils as his lover moved around him. They had used magic in sex before, but not like this. Ollie's power was in every cell in his body like a fever.

"Are you ready?"

He nodded desperately.

Ollie moved behind him, carefully pulling out the plug they had put in before they really began. He was far too strung out for lengthy preparations, so they had done that all before the magic. He moaned at the loss.

"So ready for me," Ollie said, stroking his buttocks, "all mine."

Jake didn't know how long he had been suspended from the chains, how long Ollie had been playing with him since the first spell was cast, but he felt like he might be dying as Ollie finally pushed into him. The chain rattled as he shuddered, his legs almost losing purchase, but Ollie held him up.

"I've got you, my beautiful lover," Ollie told him, "relax and let me have you."

He whined, his eyes squeezing shut as Ollie held him, fully seated inside him.

"Please," he tried to beg through the gag, but all that came out was a needy sound.

"Soon," Ollie promised, somehow understanding anyway.

What Ollie was waiting for he had no idea, the intricacies of sex magic were not Jake's area, but the heat was almost unbearable. He wanted, no, he needed release or he was going to burn up.

When Ollie finally moved, Jake actually sobbed with relief and need and there was wetness on his cheeks that had nothing to do with the heat.

"You're doing so well," Ollie said, holding him in place with magically augmented strength. "You're perfect."

Ollie was moving inside him and Ollie's hands were stroking over his chest and still he burned. The magic in his veins pulsed with Ollie's touch. It was not a physical pain, it was beyond that and different and it made him crave more even as he begged for it to be over.

"So good, so very, very good," Ollie whispered, voice sounding much tighter than before. "How much can you take, Jake? How much before you burst?"

He didn't know. He wasn't sure he wouldn't go insane first.

As Ollie claimed him, used him, so did the magic and Jake could barely breathe. He had never felt so on edge, so needy and so helpless, but he had also never felt so needed, so cared for and so completely at one with his lover. A haze descended over his vision as Ollie fucked him and Ollie's magic consumed him. He was one single point of desire and need.

A hand on his ignored cock and one stroke was all it took to send him spiralling over into what was part orgasm, part magical outpouring. Any vestige of control he had left deserted him and he sobbed and shuddered his way through his orgasm, giving the only thing he had left.

"I've got you," Ollie said as the bonds on his wrists loosened and the bar between his knees fell away, "you did so well."

Ollie lowered him slowly to the floor into the pile of pillows Ollie had insisted on making before they began.

"You're safe, I won't let you go, just breathe."

As Ollie removed the gag, never releasing his embrace, Jake tried to take in a deep breath, but he was still shaking too much. He felt totally destroyed and yet totally loved at the same time, something he had had no idea was even possible. Ollie just held him, stroking his hair and speaking quietly until he finally relaxed.

"I'm going to go get a flannel," Ollie told him eventually, "I'll be right back."

Jake's hand tightened on Ollie's arm without his consent.

"Okay," Ollie said and stopped trying to move, "we have time, so much time."

The magical heat was gone, leached out of him with his orgasm, but at Ollie held him it was being replaced by simple body heat. He needed that, at least for a while longer.


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  1. So he has to do this for a whole month??!
    Jake will be a basket case if the sessions consistently are like this one.
    Ah re-read. *sighs with relief* This will balance things.
    Now you need to do a mellower less intense one. *grins&
    Do you have any idea how fun this is reading at a public library with a man beside me.....?