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FB3X Drabble Cascade #24 - Worship (m/m, vampire, PG13)

Suitable for a general

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX entry for the 24th Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

This week's word is 'worship' and this is my flash fic. I may have failed on the only 500 words just slightly :).

by Tasha D-Drake

They called it 'worship'. Max called it a cattle market for humans willing to sell themselves for a thrill and he was not letting his little sister do that. She was infatuated with the fanged wonders and he'd traced her phone to the club.

Pushing his way to the front of the line, he came face to pec with the bouncer; the guy was huge.

"I need to get inside," he said.

"Wait in line."

"Look I'm not here to ..."

"Is there a problem, John?" a soft masculine voice asked and Max turned and almost swallowed his tongue.

The man he was looking at was the most beautiful he had ever seen and his mind almost sank under a sea of hormones. However, he was stronger than that and he shook his head.

"My sister is inside," he said, forcing himself to concentrate, "I need to get her home."

"I'm sorry," the man told him, "but we cannot allow non-participants in the club, there could be misunderstandings."

"She's fifteen," he all but hissed back.

The man's demeanour changed completely.

"In that case, put this on," he said and handed Max a collar.

"What?" he asked, outraged. "Why?"

"Because it marks you as mine and off limits so we can find your sister," the man replied. "John, I want to know how a minor got in."

"Yes, Sir," the bouncer replied.

Max was not happy, but the collar was magnetic, so it slipped round his throat easily and he could always rip it off.

"My name is Luke," his companion introduced himself, "I'm one of the owners."

"Max," he replied, not really ready for a vampire to sound so apparently normal.

"Well Max, I must apologise, our security is usually superb. What does your sister look like?"

"About five four, short bobbed hair, scarlet at the moment, blue eyes. I heard her mention something about bribing a member of staff, but I didn't think she was serious until tonight."

"One moment," Luke said and brought them to a halt just inside the door.

Max just stared, because everything he had been told just did not come close to the reality. There were tables with soft couches everywhere and all of them were filled by writhing bodies. It wasn't sex, it was vampire feeding, but it might as well have been. Max turned to Luke to demand they find Janie immediately and found his words drying up at the sight of glowing eyes. Then Luke blinked and the effect was gone.

"She is with Ivan," Luke said, "he will not touch her now he knows. This way."

He had heard vampires were telepathic, now he knew it was true.

"And Max, how old are you?" Luke asked as the vampire led him through the club.

"Nineteen," he replied.

Luke just made a kind of humming noise at that. Max was too busy wondering if his dick was going to burst through his pants to worry what it might mean. He'd never been in a place that screamed sex so loudly.

"I hate you," was all Janie had to say once they found her and Luke escorted them both back to the door.

Max reached up to take off the collar.

"Keep it," Luke said with a smile as he tried to hand it back, "for next time you visit."

Really Max should have thrown it at the vampire. Part of him wanted to, only another part really didn't.

"You bastard, I hate you," his sister told him very emphatically, but he was hardly listening.



  1. If you do not write the next part of this I think I will hate you. Stop laughing da*n it.

  2. Is there going to be more?
    When is there going to be more?
    More please?