Tuesday, 6 August 2013

FB3X Drabble Cascade #22 - Rain Part I: John (M/M Fantasy Erotica)

This post contains adult
themes, or language.

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX flash fiction entry for the 22nd Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

'rain' sent my mind immediately to 'all wet', but then I began to think on the power of the storm as well, and, this happened.

Rain Part I: John
by Sophie Duncan

John walked out of his robe and stepped into his circle accompanied by a rumble of promise from the purple-dark clouds overhead. Smiling in anticipation, he crossed to the centre of the clearing, the dewy grass cool between his toes. Yet it was the first few pinpricks of chilly water hitting his bare shoulders and arms that made the power in his belly curl with excitement. His skin instantly burst into goosebumps wherever the meagre drops hit, warning of what was to come and drawing his magic unrepentantly up to the surface.

Another low murmur from the sky and larger, more numerous splashes landed on John, trickling through his hair and cooling his crown. Yet, with each tiny touch, his body and soul were lighting up and John caught his lip between his teeth as desires beyond magic began to stir. Like a lover’s caress, the droplets worked as one, gently teasing him at first, licking his back and chest, slowly pooling and then trickling downward. John shivered with the agonisingly light stroke and drew in a long, steadying breath.

The tiny beads of power flickered against him where they may, high and low, and John’s desires that day mirrored them. As magic ascended, so too passion descended past his belly into his loins and John’s dick throbbed in chorus with the higher seduction. His first instinct was to touch and meet that unique ache, but that would not do, not for this spell, and so, deliberately, John raised his arms from his sides, holding them out and slightly up, offering all that he was to his master, Rain.

The building clouds rolled overhead and every inch of John’s body welcomed the promise there, tensing in desire and power. He was more than ready by the time heavier splashes hit him and, turning his face up to the coming deluge, John laughed his welcoming joy. He had seen the power in the sky that dawn, felt it building and finally it hit. One, then two, then five, then twenty packets of energy slammed into his skin, announcing the downpour and John steadied himself before the torrent overtook him.

As it engulfed him, the water came so fast, John was forced to turn his face back down to earth, gasping for breath through the cascade coming off his forehead and down his nose. Still, he smiled through his choking as the sheer force of his master saturated every cell. Not a part of him was left untouched by the sky-power, rivulets dancing madly down his body into every crevice, over every exposed inch, bringing his magic and his cock to attention.

Still, his master made John wait, pounding him endlessly with a might that tested his resolve. Power and desire beat within and without, rising to levels that John knew he could never control. He shuddered then, a tiny trickle of fear spicing the curl of his magic and he whined as his erection throbbed, dark and wanting. Nature roared overhead, so loud the sound waves were grounding through him. Their demand became his release and, with a cry of shock and desire, John gave everything to the storm.

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