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FB3X Drabble Cascacde #22 - Rain Part II - Eben (M/M Fantasy Erotica)

This post contains adult
themes, or language.

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX flash fiction entry for the 22nd Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

This is part II of my flash fiction inspired by 'rain', Rain Part I: John is here. So what spell was John offering the rain?

Rain Part II: Eben
by Sophie Duncan

Eben had felt the storm building even as he had lain in the dark before dawn, and he had known what would happen. He had been waiting hidden down low on the edge of the village in his hunting cloak when John had strode purposefully by, and he had followed. The sorcerer had come to their village two summers ago, when Eben had been just sixteen, and the magician not much older if his face told the right tale. He had called himself simply, John,and everyone knew better than to enquire further. He healed them and their pigs when they need it and the villagers shared their food - that was about the extent of the arrangement. Eben, however, was far more curious.

They were deep in the woods now, Eben had never hunted this far away from the village, and he pulled his cloak around his shoulders protectively as he watched John come to a halt up ahead. This was the place, he could feel the beginnings of knowing prickle over his skin, a knowing he had not been able to explain to his parents. He had felt it since he could remember and since John had walked into his life, that knowing had become more and more definite. However, those instincts dwarfed in comparison to a much baser one when, without warning, John discarded the simple grey robe that proved to be all he was wearing and Eben’s attention zeroed in on pale, perfectly formed backside. Eben had dreamt of those firm buttocks, and the rest of the very fine body that went with them, many times and he found himself walking more quickly up to the lighter space ahead into which John had stepped.

The seasons were on the turn, Summer into the first touches of Autumn, but the leaves still clung to the trees, making the wood very dark, even compared with the stormy sky that came into view as he reached the edge of the clearing. The grey light muted the world in front of his eyes, but Eben felt his body coming into line with the power building around him, and, breathing shallow, he sunk distractedly to his knees next to where John had discarded his clothes and absorbed the magic unfolding before him.

John, tall and lean, stood almost statuesque in front of him, but Eben could feel the little starts of power flaring in time with the drops of rain hitting the leaves behind him: it almost felt like he was being rained on twice, but the second sensation spoke to the knowing under his skin and the desires in his chest. He pushed back his hood, letting the gathering droplets collect in his fringe, sticking the dark bangs to his forehead and pushing them partly into his eyes. He hid behind his hair a little, feeling his cheeks heat up, despite the chill rain, because his interest settled on the way the water was collecting on John’s pale shoulders and had begun to trace down over the strong outline of muscles on his back.

Eben wriggled as his trousers began to grow uncomfortably tight, his hand wandering absently to the buttons holding them closed as most of his attention remained firmly on the lithe figure whose arms rose to the sky. In his mind’s eye, Eben could see the power sparking around the captivating sorcerer, a lightning just for him and, trousers loosened, he found himself leaning forward onto all fours, edging closer to that power as the heavens finally released their deluge.

The water came so thick and so fast, John became a hazy shape before Eben, so he closed his eyes and bowed his head, the bridge of his nose humming as his vision turned inward. He saw no figure now, only an epicentre of power pulsing ever stronger in front of him and he felt his sorcerer more clearly than ever before. This was the knowing, his knowing, and he would have it.

Eben’s body ached as the power tested him, pushing into his skin with the rain that had instantly soaked through all his clothes. He strained forward, balancing on one hand and reaching out with the other, pinned to the ground by the waves of sorcery beating down on him, but still wanting more. His body ran with another pulse as well, a passion he had concealed as low as his knowing, his want for the man whose presence possessed every pore. It felt like he could not contain it, there was too much in him for one mortal to hold, but still it went on, heartbeat by heartbeat and so he endured.

The roar of thunder shook every bone in Eben’s body, but over it all, he heard, or did he feel, John’s scream? Magic arced everywhere, whiting out the eye of Eben’s mind and locking him into position. It coursed through him and beside him, lifting him up beyond anything he had ever experienced. Yet, it would not give him release. Eben came out the other side of the onslaught still aching, still struggling with the power in his body and it was his turn to try to scream as it threatened to rip him apart.

No control of his muscles, he face-planted into the soggy earth, lost and confused in the tumult that disappeared from around him and concentrated within. It hurt so much, he couldn’t even release the scream inside as his jaw locked around any sound he could make. Yet, he was not alone, and suddenly hands yanked him up from the soil, dragging him messily against another body. It took Eben’s pain-distracted thoughts a moment to realise he was lying in John’s lap, and then he opened his eyes. The eyes looking down on him glowed from within, their green boring into his soul and, for the first time, Eben was afraid of his sorcerer. However, John was paying no heed to fear.

John pulled his shirt from his trousers and just a second’s flash of embarrassment spiked through Eben as he remembered his unkempt state. Yet, it was gone as the power writhed under his skin and Eben flexed in his sorcerer’s hold. Still, John persisted, pushing the shirt out of the way and laying a palm flat over Eben’s chest.

“Let it go,” John instructed, insanely calm as far as Eben’s growing panic was concerned.

He couldn’t let it happen, the power would rip him apart, and Eben rolled into his holder, burying his face in John’s bare chest as the magic did its worst.

“Open yourself,” John commanded this time, this order as baffling as the last, pressing his hand harder into Eben’s chest, nails digging into his flesh.

Eben grappled with the storm inside, scared and hurting in mind and body.

“See me,” John urged again, sounding less calm this time and it was that disquiet that finally reached Eben.

His eyes had closed when he had buried his head and the vision in his mind had been wiped by the overload, but from within the tempest, he caught a flash of the knowing that had led him here. With that insight came the briefest touch of his sorcerer and survival made him reach out. Eben heard John gasp and then power met power. Finally, Eben screamed.

His body, his mind, his soul released all at once and inside the heady rush, Eben wondered for a long second if he was dying. Yet, beside him and through him, he felt his sorcerer and that strength wrapped him in a protection that answered all his fears. He gave of everything he was, of everything he was becoming and as much was given back to him. He felt the power of ages sinking into him, saturating him as the rain had done only moments earlier and slowly his being calmed.

Eben sank down out of the exchange, wiped and shivering, but held warmly into strong arms. Blearily, he blinked up John, instantly a little sad that the glow had gone from his sorcerer’s eyes, but feeling that glow running under both their skins. The last of the rain glistened on John’s sharp features in early morning sunlight that had broken through the clouds. Knowing the tumult was over, Eben closed his eyes and relaxed.


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