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Drabble Cascade #21 - Taste (PG, m/m, fantasy)

Suitable for a general

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX flash fiction entry for the 21st Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

Sorry I'm late this week, I wasn't well at the beginning of it so Soph had to take over all the duties when it was my week. She's an angel.

So this week's word is 'red' and I basically just went with the colour and added a bit of sword and sorcery :).

by Tasha D-Drake

"You have to be kidding."

There was going with the image and then there was taking it one step too far.

"What?" Kal asked, as if he had no idea what Quinn was getting at, at all.

"You look like a vicious party gift," Quinn replied and shook his head.

"But red is traditional," Kal said, looking down at himself.

"Not for the whole armour," Quinn said and stood up, walking over to his lover. "It was your sister, wasn't it; she told you what to wear."

Kal looked sheepish and nodded. Kareena was a lovely girl most of the time, but she really enjoyed a good joke, usually at her brother's expense. Quinn would have hoped Kal would have learnt by now, after all, as far as he could tell his lover had been the butt of his sister's jests since they were both small children, but Kal could never see wrong in his sister.

"You cannot take your first turn in the arena looking like that," Quinn said; the red hurt his eyes.

"It's too late to change it now," Kal protested.

It was well made leather armour; that much was clear. It had all the right straps and buckles and the metal studs would serve Kal well, but the colour was just hideous. Of course if the crown prince walked into the arena in totally red armour it would probably become a fashion, which would most definitely make Kareena laugh even harder. There was no way Quinn was putting up with that.

"If you tell anyone I wasted magic on this I will have to kill you myself," he muttered and then placed his hand on the main chest plate.

Concentrating, he pulled the power gathered round his core and let it rise up and spread through his fingers, binding it to his will and his wishes as he did so. The red leather slowly turned black.

"That tickles," Kal said, voice a little lower than usual, making Quinn smile.

His magic had always had a certain effect on Kal.

"Just stand still while I make this atrocity presentable," he replied and moved on to more of the armour.

He left certain parts red, to emphasis Kal's status, but he changed a good eighty percent of it to black. When he was done he stepped back and surveyed his handy work.

"That'll do," he decided and finally returned his attention to his lover's face.

He couldn't help smiling even more. Kal's usually pale complexion was pink and his ears were definitely red under the curly blond hair.

"Oh," he said, "did you enjoy that, My Prince? Perhaps you'd like to help me refill my reserves?"

Kal kind of whimpered. Quinn could rebuild his strength in many ways, but sex was one of the most potent for any sorcerer and Kal really did look like he was vibrating on the spot. With a wave of his hand, Quinn dematerialised the armour and made it reappear on his table, leaving Kal in only breeches and a thin shirt. Then he beckoned with one finger and the prince of the realm came straight to him.


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  1. *purrrrrs* "Taste" is yummy. I feel warm and tingly after that.

    I think that Quinn needs to do a lot more creatively magical altering of costume on Kal or really any magic around Kal because really, the aftereffects and cure for Quinn's reserves depletion are made to order.