Tuesday, 23 July 2013

FB3X Drabble Cascade #20 - Bookish Love (PG-13, M/M Romance)

Contains adult language,
or themes.

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX flash fiction entry for the 20th Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

In honour of the Blogger Book Fair, this week's word is 'book', so, naturally, librarians came to mind, and I rather fancy guy's in glasses :). Oh, and yes, sorry, I got a bit carried away, it's only twice as long as it should be!

Bookish Love
by Sophie Duncan

Luke clutched the heavy tome to his body, using it as his shield, as he took a deep breath and finally rounded the corner of the stacks to face the desk where the librarian stood. Instantly, his body flushed with heat and his fingers flexed around the dusty old book he’d picked at random from the furthest, darkest shelf he could find.

What the hell was he doing here? He didn’t do libraries, he was more motorbikes and rock music. Yet, here he was, standing gawping like an idiot in the embarrassingly quiet, ancient place, and the reason was leaning on his desk totally engrossed in some tatty paperback. Luke couldn’t take his eyes off him: tall, a bit skinny, wire-rimmed specs and a floppy mouse-brown fringe that he kept unconsciously wiping out of his eyes. Not the kind of guy Luke had ever in his twenty years expected to react to and he’d been denying it for the last two hours while hiding and peeping in equal measure.

Still, the feeling was not going away, it had not been some random aberration, Luke was completely certain of that now, because his magic was rushing through him like a torrent and most of it was ready to burst out of his cock. He was painfully hard, had been since he’d set eyes on his Adonis in corduroys, and there was only one thing left to do. Putting one boot in front of the other, Luke made an unsteady progress up to the librarian’s desk.

Such was his engrossment in his book, the slender-jawed man, whose nose, Luke had noted was just slightly too big for his face, but which set his glasses off very well, did not even look when Luke stopped in front of his desk. The fact that he was seething under his own skin and this aloof twit couldn’t even acknowledge him irked Luke somewhat and he dropped the book on the desk. A large bang echoed around the big room, the librarian jumped and Luke felt much more like himself...for all of a second, then the bespectacled idiot looked up.

A startled green gaze met his and Luke melted against the side of the high-sided desk, pressing his ‘instincts’ hard against the polished wooden surface as his magic threatened to overtake modern propriety. Then his quarry smiled and not a sensible thought remained in Luke’s head.

“Er, hi, sorry, I didn’t notice you, just got to a good bit,” his god in human form told Luke good-naturedly, pointing to his paperback.

Luke wanted to say something, needed to say it, but all that came out was a barely audible grunt and, embarrassed, he looked down at his own book. As he read the title, he felt his cheeks heating up even more, ‘Sex, Darkness and the Common Demon.’ He whined - what was fate doing to him?

A little, stifled snigger was not what he expected to hear and he glared back up at its source. His adonis was biting his lip apologetically, which was just adorable and Luke sagged against the desk, no longer angry.

“Sorry, did you really want to borrow this?” his companion asked, eyes twinkling, but he was trying not to laugh.

Luke had no idea what to say, so when his favourite librarian’s amusement abated and he settled elbows onto the large book and fixed Luke with a deep stare that made his knees go weak and his magic flex, Luke just waited.

“You’re a Daemon Amoris, aren’t you?”

Luke took a step back from the desk, alarmed that this human could know him. However, his librarian just slowly took off his glasses and, without the lenses in the way, Luke recognised the light glow around the iris. He nearly kicked himself, but that would have been uncool.

“Seer,” his chagrin meant he got out at least one word.

The man who had his total attention nodded and dropped that knowing gaze for a moment.

“Thought you’d come here to steal something at first,” Luke was told, and he’d normally have been affronted at such a suggestion, but not from those kissable lips. “Thought about following you round the library at first, but then I saw your markings.”

It was this know-it-all librarian’s turn to sound abashed, and his pale cheeks had coloured to a knowing red. Luke, however, relaxed: they both knew what was going on and the fact that this human was not running in the opposite direction told him all he needed to know.

“Strongest reaction I’ve ever had,” he took the lead and leant back over the desk so that he was half an inch from that floppy fringe. “My name’s Luke.”

He had to hang on to his magic when his librarian looked up again, and he knew the small sub-dermal shapes that only his own people could usually see had to be rippling madly.

“Wesley,” the whispered response came and Luke watched as the seer’s pupils began to dilate.

Luke was tempted to let both their passions rise, but two men orgasming in the middle of the dusty old library was not proper, so he diverted his attention.

“Would you like to join me for a drink when you finish?” he decided to do things the human way.

Wesley blinked at him for a second and then Luke saw reality reinstate itself. Wesley smiled again and Luke really, really wanted to kiss those expressive lips, but he resisted. He therefore had to hold himself very still when Wesley leant in even closer and whispered in his ear, “I’ve been hiding a hard-on behind this desk for two hours, ever since you wandered in, I’d rather you met me in the staff men’s loo in five minutes to help me with it.”



  1. And I fainted right there at the end. Good build up of the sexual tension. Humor in the title of the book Luke chose at random, someone or something really did mean to pull his strings.

    Daemon Amoris = demon of fornication? Neat.

    Librarians present as prim and proper but they know where all the best books are kept and they hold the keys to the restricted shelves... not that my library has any of those. *sighs* Age grouping I deal with is volatile in their hormones.

    Add this drabble to the list of those I want expanded. *grins*

    1. LOL! Thanks :) And I will add it.

      Don't think my Latin is really up to the task, but you understood it, yay! I am sure some of my classicist friends will correct my declensions! ;P

      Since I began writing fanfic way back when, I've met a lot of librarians and I can say, to a one, they really don't fit the stuffy, prim stereotype! ;P And no restricted section, that's no fun, maybe you should start one?

    2. *laughing* I work in a school, two actually as they're in the same building. Ages of the students; 10-14 (Middle School) and 10-18 (Middle School and High School) for the new immigrants. I think the school district would take a dim view of a restricted section of books in the Library ... wait we do have one that students are allowed minimal access to. It's known as the Professional Collection and it includes books dealing with educational issues... and that doesn't make it sound any better.

    3. LOL! Ah yes, a little young for our kind of restricted section, although wouldn't it be fun to create one a-la Hogwarts, but that would require actually being able to cast magic! Worth a try?

  2. Love reading your blog! Comes to email and I'm sorry I haven't taken the time to comment each time. I've wanted to join the drabble challenge but haven't yet found the time!

    Keep up this wonderful writing - so talented! You challenge me with every post! Thank you!

    1. Thank you for feeding back :) Very glad you like the blog and whenever you have the time, we'd love to get a drabble from you :D. All the cascades remain open, so even if you have inspiration from a word from ten weeks ago, you can add it there.

      Lovely to hear from you.