Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Drabble Cascade #8 - Love In Creation (PG13, m/m romance, fantasy)

This post contains adult
themes, or language

Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX Flash Fiction entry for the eighth Drabble Cascade.

Author's Note

The word of the week, Summer, made me think of balmy days out in the countryside and it took me back to two drabbles that I wrote for the Drabblerotic A to Z Challenge, which I have included below for completeness. I thought the pair in both drabbles, Ky, a magician, and his wild-fae lover, Grayling, deserved a little more attention and I could have gone on a lot longer than 500 words, but, that will be for another fic ;)

None of the fics are explicit, but they are erotically themed.


by Sophie Duncan

Silver heat lanced through Ky, magic and passion ripping out of him through his orgasm. A heartbeat later, he felt Grayling tense above him: it was beginning.

His gift accepted, all control left him and his magic shuddered into his partner. Faraway, he heard a scream of pain, of birth, as fae escaped his human-shaped prison. Grayling convulsed around Ky, falling forward. Ky caught him, holding him with hands and sorcery, sinking into the exhilaration of his lover's change. He squinted up at trickles of light cascading down over Grayling's shoulders, full of wonder and love at such beauty.

Touchable Beauty

by Sophie Duncan

The final jolt of magic destroyed Ky's strength and his hold failed. Grayling sprawled across his chest and Ky was left with armfuls of gasping man and a view straight down his lover's back. His mouth fell open. Where there had been nothing, now he recognised the long, fine lines of two delicately translucent, black wild-fae wings.

In awe, Ky reached round Grayling and brushed the tips of his fingers down one beautiful curve. Grayling groaned passionately, shifting helplessly against him. Ky smiled and repeated his action, sensing natural power under his digits. This time, Grayling bit his pec.


Love in Creation

by Sophie Duncan

A third, indulgent stroke of Ky's fingers proved too much: Grayling moaned, shuddered and then, much to Ky's disappointment, rolled off of him. His link to his lover's magic also dimmed as Grayling landed in a huffing pile beside him and he had to be contented with the way Grayling's hand skirted up his thigh, each absent stroke piquing the wonderful natural rhythms that sung to his own sorcery. He could barely move himself, so he just lay in the summer light, the heat soaking into his sweaty skin, and waited in the lull for his partner to take the lead.

"By all that is holy," Grayling eventually breathed.

Ky glanced over and smiled as he recognised wonder on Grayling's pale, flushed features. He put all the energy he had into lifting himself up on one elbow.

"Oh, you are far from holy, Love," he rumoured, feeling the truth of it as Grayling's dark eyes met his.

He saw pain there, and worry, but he couldn't regret the path they had taken together. Hiding his heritage had been killing Grayling, and watching that had been destroying Ky. No matter how afraid others were of the Wild-Fae, Ky knew that this was right. It would take much more to release his partner from the hidden life he had been leading, twenty years of fear had to be defeated, but together, one maverick magician and one cowed Ethereal, they had made the first steps towards freedom.

"I never knew," Grayling gasped, eyes damp and voice cracking, "I can," he struggled with the words, "I can feel...everything."

Ky leant down and kissed those trembling lips, shivering at the burst of power that ran into him with the gentle intimacy. He dallied for a moment, the part of him that was already addicted to his fae wanting more, but the sensible part knowing neither of them was capable of much, so, instead, he took Grayling's unconscious gift and tipped his head back. The power ran through him, mixing with his own in an echo of the intensity of climax and, letting out a small laugh of joy, he released whatever their sorceries chose to make.

The sunlight of the private glade glinted off their creation in such bright rainbows that Ky had to squint at it to make out the source as it fluttered upwards.

"Oh," Grayling approved, sitting up and reaching out to the tiny, but perfect crystal butterfly that flitted about above their heads.

The tiny creature, no bigger than his thumbnail, settled almost eagerly onto the back of Grayling's outstretched fingers and, a grin lighting up his whole tired expression, Grayling brought the butterfly down between them. Suddenly, Ky found himself fixed with all the dark power behind his partner's eyes and his heart beat faster. Grayling, the butterfly lifted on one hand, reached up and laid his other palm against Ky's chest. Body, soul and mind spoke as one when Grayling proclaimed proudly, "We made it."


  1. I love the tenderness and joy, how sweet they are together. *sigh* Even though this is longer than the drabbles, I still want more.

    1. Thanks :)

      I have s few ideas floating around for a longer version of this story, but I haven't settled on one in particular yet.