Tuesday, 12 March 2013

FB3X Drabble Cascade #1 - Pop The Question (Erotica)

This post contains
adult themes.
Fantasy Boys XXX Drabble Cascade

This is Fantasy Boys XXX entry for the first Drabble Cascade.
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Author's Note
As soon as I saw the prompt this one just jumped at me. It's naughty and slightly humorous and I do hope you all enjoy it. Please join in the drabble cascade, the more the merrier. Instructions are at the bottom of the post.

Pop the Question

by Tasha D-Drake

One question; that was all a supplicant was allowed. It was supposed to be divine inspiration that told you what to ask, which was why Kal had been surprised when, "Will you fuck me?" popped out of his mouth.

Not that he was complaining. Lying sprawled over a cushioned divan with a god's tongue lathering his arse was the crowning sexual experience of his life so far. If his god would ever get round to the actual fucking part, Kal would die happy, with a smile on his face, proclaiming the greatness of his deity all the way to heaven.



  1. very vivid for such a short fic, I like it.
    a happy death with revival for lot of future 'deaths'

    1. Thank you :) Le Petit Mort - so many possibilities ;)

  2. Nice, where do I sign up for this religion?